D.I.Y. – Star Wars Jewelry

While shopping, I came across Star Wars epoxy stickers. Too cute to pass up, I chucked them in my cart. Once home, I decided that instead of using these all willy-nilly I would make some adorable jewelry with them! I had the supplies on hand but they can be purchased cheaply at any craft store.

First: I cut out each sticker, leaving the plastic attached to the back. These particular stickers didn’t peel easily from their plastic sheet to begin with so I didn’t have any trouble with them peeling apart on their own. (Should I encounter a future problem with the sticky side of the sticker being exposed, I’ll put a coat of clear nail polish on it.)

Second: To create a hole in each sticker for a metal loop to go through, I heated up a sewing needle and carefully pierced the top of each sticker. (The same method I use in my guitar pick jewelry post)

Finally: I decided which pieces would become earrings and which would become necklace pendants and attached the necessary metal rings and pieces.

The necklace pendants can be worn on any chain or rope but I decided to use some heavy duty, glittery ribbon that I recently found on clearance at JoAnn’s to make chokers a la 1994. I used the sewing needle again to create holes for the metal rings to loop through (attaching the clasps and pendants).

Here’s some pics of what I’ve made so far and my gigantic zit:

Stormtrooper earrings & Vader choker.

R2-D2/C-3PO earrings & Yoda choker 

Thanks for reading! Love, GK

D.I.Y. – Cosplay Shoes

Today, I spent the day working on shoes for the Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn costumes I’ve designed for an upcoming comic con in my area. I want to share how I transformed two old pairs of shoes into villainous footwear with a little spray paint. Here’s the paint I used:

I started by taping off the shoes anywhere I didn’t want paint to reach. I used small pieces of tape, mostly, and spent a lot of time and care doing this. Putting in the time during this step really pays off in the end. For the Poison Ivy heels, I taped off the entire bottom of each shoe (I taped off another section later.) The Harley Quinn boots posed a slight challenge when I was deciding exactly how I wanted to spray them. I decided to only spray the tops of the boots with her signature diamond pattern bringing the red into the black lower half. (This way I wouldn’t have to spray over the zipper or buckles.)

I used newspaper to section off the bottom of the boots and protect the inside of the heels.

I used a pool noodle, cut in half, and more newspaper to steady the boots for spraying. I sprayed each pair of shoes with two thin coats of their respective base color allowing about 40 minutes of dry time between coats.

Next, I sprayed each shoe with two thin coats of glitter spray paint. Again, I allowed about 40 minutes between coats. (Before praying with glitter, I taped off the platform and heel on the Poison Ivy pair to achieve a two toned finish.)

Once completely dry, I sprayed each shoe with the glitter spray clear sealer and let dry. Finally, I carefully removed all the tape and admired my work. I also glued some of the ivy leaves from the rest of the Poison Ivy costume to the front of each green heel.

There you have it! Completely transformed a couple of old shoes into brilliant costume pieces. The techniques used here don’t have to be applied strictly to cosplay projects; you can jazz up any old pair of shoes however you’d like!

Thanks for reading! I can’t wait to post pictures of each costume once they’re  completed!

Love, GK

D.I.Y. – Fourth Doctor’s Scarf

The other night, a bunch of my cosplay friends and I made a night of some cosplay karaoke and had a blast. I really wanted to do a simple Fourth Doctor look but needed his iconic scarf. Since I happened to have a two-colored scarf and some fabric spray paint, I decided to make one!


I used a couple of thin painting canvases for my straight edges but you can use anything you’re willing to spray paint all over. I used towels to work on so they would absorb the extra paint; a slick surface would’ve made for a lot of mess and mistakes. The scarf I had for years and the paint I had recently picked up at wal-mart on clearance (it’s normally found in the same aisle as tie-dye kits).

I laid out the scarf and using the straight edges, sprayed on my colors. All you really need is a basic knowledge of the color wheel and the paint mixes with the hues already on the scarf create all the various colors (red paint + blue fabric = purple, blue paint + yellow fabric = green, etc.). After each spray, I patted down the area with a spare rag to help push the color in and prevent a stiffening on the fabric.


I didn’t try to imitated the pattern on the original four scarf, I just spaced my colors out the way I liked and sprayed lines in various thicknesses. The paint dries pretty fast and once the first side was dry enough, I flipped it over and did the same on the reverse side. I hung it to dry for a little while and wore it later that day for the event. I received lots of kudos and compliments on my simple creation.

My next goal is to learn how to knit so I can really make my own!

Thanks for ready! Love, GK


Loot Crate : Unite

Recently, I received my second Loot Crate box. May’s theme is “Unite” and this box was packed full of team heroes! If you’re interested in becoming a Loot Crate subscriber, please CLICK HERE to sign up all the while helping me get $5 towards some loot. If you’re already receiving your monthly Crate of Loot, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this month’s box.

Thanks so much for reading & watching. Love, GK


Free Comic Book Day 2015

Today is free comic book day!

Dressed as Chuckie Finster, I hit up two of my local shops and hung out with other CBD folks. It was the perfect excuse for the new cosplay group I’m apart of to get together and enjoy time with new friends. In addition to the comic shops, we also stopped in on a new costume and prop shop in our area. It really was quite the awesome day!

Thanks for reading!

Love, GK