D.I.Y. :: Galaxy Nails

Last night, I decided to try out a nail art idea that I’ve seen floating around the internet for a long time: Galaxy Nails. It’s super easy to do and there’s really no way to possibly mess-up. All you’ll need to do this yourself is a few nail polishes and a makeup sponge or a couple of cheap eye shadow applicators.  The color polishes you’ll want to work with include: 1. Black or Dark Purple or Dark Blue. 2.) White 3.) Light Green or Light Gold. 4.) Blue or a Brighter Blue (if you used dark blue for your base color) 4.) Pink. 5.) Sparkles. Here are the colors I used:


  • wet n wild :: black creme
  • sally hansen extreme wear :: white on
  • julep :: piper
  • sally hansen triple shine :: wavy blue
  • julep :: lily
  • julep :: trina
  • sinful colors nail art :: bad chick
  • sinful colors :: queen of beauty

IMG_6870.JPGStart by painting your nail with your dark color. Next, dab white polish around the center of the nail with the sponge using a very light hand. Then, apply your next color the same way.


Blend the last color into the dark polish perimeters with blue. Now, add touches of pink or purple around, still using the sponge technique. *Be sure not to over-do-it with any of the colors and end up covering all of the white; you still want some white popping out.* The next step is optional: Using a teeny-tiny nail art brush, you can add some white specks and x’s (or maybe bigger chunks of glitter). Finally, finish with a sparkly top coat and you’re done!

Next time I paint my nails like this, I will definitely do a few things differently. One of those adjustments will be to go easy on the sparkle polish too. I feel like the overabundance of of silver takes away from the colors. But what can I say? I like a lot of glitter in my galaxy.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


Nerdvember OOTD #3 & #4 :: TMNT

For my Nerdvember outfit of the day yesterday and today, I executed some serious turtle power. Yesterday I got to wear, for the first time, a TMNT tank top that I recently bought at Wal-Mart for… $1! One. Dollar. It’s a super big size but I love that I can wear it in a very casual way like I did today with some ratty old leggings (complete with paint splats on them from previous projects), my black & white cardigan and my green converse. I spent the day running errands, getting the best massage of my life and stopping by my neighborhood comic store. There, I picked up a few for the collection and a couple for an upcoming D.I.Y. project I’m working on.


Tonight, I got my entry into the contest in just before midnight as I was lounging around in my TMNT PJ pants and eating some pizza. In a particularly munchie mood, I also added a pic of TMNT cookies I found on google to the collage. (I thought they were too awesome not to.)

Cowabunga, Dudes! Love, GK




Nerdvember OOTD #2 :: Rose Tyler

My second outfit of the day for Set To Stunning‘s Instagram Contest, Nerdvember, is inspired by Rose Tyler in Journey’s End.

  • Blue Leather Jacket (courtesy of my sister)
  • Black Denim Bootlegs from H&M
  • Pink TShirt
  • Black Converse Sneakers

No outfit is complete without accessories so I Doctor Who’ed it up with my TARDIS necklace, faux clock necklace, TARDIS earrings, and a Bad Wolf button on my bag. I wanted to keep my makeup fairly simple and girlie but Rose loved a TARDIS-load of black eye makeup and so do I. (I also love a fantastic eyebrow day! Tell me they’re not on point today.) My lipstick is Pink Pearl Pop from MAC. Like my pants, the blue bag is from H&M. Also, I’m trying a new brand of press-on nails and I’m digging my black and geometric manicure so far.

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


Nerdvember OOTD #1 :: Lazy Batman

Back when I first started blogging, a lot of my posts were Outfit of the Day posts but I didn’t really keep up with those. Luckily, Set To Stunning and their Nerdvember contest gave me just the inspiration necessary to give it a ago again (at least for the next three weeks).

Each day during the moth of November can earn instagramers an entry into the Nerdvember contest. The post should showcase a nerdy inspired outfit of the day. Those who enter 1-10 days qualify for Tier 1 : The Sidekick. 11-20 Days, Tier 2 : The Vigilante. 21-29 Days, Tier 3 : The Hero and All 30 Days is Tier  4 : The Superhero. It’s the 9th day of the contest but Day #1 for me so at this rate, posting everyday for the rest of the month, I’ll qualify for the “Hero”. (For full contest info and rules, check out the official post.)

Today, it was pretty “cold” (for South Florida) and rainy so I stayed super comfortable and casual in minimal makeup, uggs (scoff if you must, I love them), jeans and a Batman T. I can’t survive without my coffee so I (obviously) used my Batman cup. My super adorable comic book inspired manicure added a little extra fun.

So, for the rest of the month, I’ll be sharing my Nerdvember outfits!

Thanks for reading! Love, GK


Milani Color Statement Lipstick

photo 1

It’s been a little while since I posted a beauty post! When getting my Riddler costume together for Halloween this year, I knew I wanted to pickup a bright purple lipstick. I found a shade I was happy with at my local walgreens in the Milani Color Statement Lipstick #34 Violet Volt. Although VV wasn’t on sale, a few of the other shades were so I scooped up two other fabulous shades as well: #22 Chilled Brandy and #16 Flirty Fuchsia. I’m very happy with all three!

photo 2


I had never purchased any products by Milani before this but I’ve heard some fabulous things about their stuff from my friend over at Fancieland.


photo 3

Thanks for reading!

Love, GK