This picture is amazing!

Leapin’ Gingers!

Happy Leap Day!!!

When I originally started blogging back in 2008, my posts were mostly based on “Ginger”/Redhead subject matter. All my posts kind of targeted a red-haired audience. I still post towards fellow Gingers from time to time, but it’s become less frequently over time; especially as my readers diversified and grew. (I love you guys!).

Anyway, I figured it’s been a while, so here’s a “Ginger Post”. I perused google for some dramatic and/or gorgeous images of redheads. Enjoy!

Big, Sexy, Red Hair. I love it!

I love images like this. Life, Joy in motion.

I thought this was pretty gorgeous.


Glamour Doll.

Again, I thought this was gorgeous.

This picture is amazing!


I love the soft curl to her hair.

This image was one of my favorite finds for the day. Her face is so amazing!



Go Green! Go Paperless!

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