Even Older Pieces of Artwork.

All of these have been painted on the back of ripped-up cardboard boxes. I hadn’t painted in years and one day it hit me out of nowhere; I had suddenly recalled just how much I had loved painting.

I’ve always been a really creative person. As a child I was really into making art, crafts, anything. (I was quite the little writer too.) Later on I began performing in school chorus programs and then eventually theater. I have been consistently creating, but I had forgotten all about painting and drawing and using pastels and charcoals… I can’t even put into words the therapy I get from it all.

Anyway, I was broke and desperate to create so I ripped up some cardboard and dug out some really old, really poor quality paints and just went crazy… I was really doing a lot of experimenting, I still am.

“Enlightened Sunrise”
Inspired by one amazing trip.
Black Splatter
“Wild Strawberry”
Complete with glitter nail polish outlines
Untitled Black Floral
Untitled Flowers
White Platter

This one was actually painted on four 13″x13″ tiles while I was coping with the passing of my Nana. ♥

“Mother” Aug 2008

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