2009-2010 Theatre Season Review

I’ve had this blog since December 2008. I wrote a couple of lame posts but ultimately I forgot all about it. Anyway, all this year I’ve been working within the IRSC theatre deptartment doing some shows and getting a few classes out of the way in exchange. Here are some pics from some of the shows:

“The Wedding Song” Touring Murder Mystery 2009-2010

“Thirds” November 2009

“Love, Sex and The IRS” January 2010

“Shipwrecked” March 2010

“Shipwrecked” was, by far, the show I was most proud to be apart of. One of my closest friends, Chris, directed it and through the combined efforts of everyone involved, the set looked fantastic! There were all sorts of traveling trunks, nautical pieces, ropes, nets, etc. It looked great! Aside from Casey, who played Louis, each of the three other players played multiple characters in Louis’ life. It was a really great experience that turned out to be one of the best and audience favorite shows of the season!


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