The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Kacie’s 24th Birthday!

Yesterday, Kacie, Casey and I drove up to Orlando and spent the day with Ron at Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure. We were celebrating Kacie’s 24th birthday and what better way to celebrate than at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! Kacie, Casey and I are all HUGE Harry Potter Nerds! (Ron is starting to read them.) So Ron and his boyfriend Brad, who both work at the parks, arranged for us to have VIP access to everything! (Brad is the Manager of Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride within the park.

When we got up there, there was a line around the park just to get into the Harry Potter World. It was crazy. Of course we didn’t have to wait for anything. We met Brad where HP meets Jurassic Park and were escorted onto Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. Brad also gave us a card to present at any and all other rides and attractions fast pass access. It was awesome.

As you walked up to Hogwarts (where the Forbidden Journey is) you walk through the Greenhouse and then you enter the Castle and walk through Professor Dumbledore’s Office and through the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom. Along the way you pass talking portraits, the sorting hat, golden status and all sorts of amazingly Harry Potter stuff! IT”S AWESOME!

Woo Hoo, Gryffidor!!! Most House Points!!!

We also saw Hagrid’s Hut and rode on Flight of the Hippogryff (formerly, Flight of the Unicorn.). As the begins to take you up, you pass right by Buckbeak the Hippogryff. (Naturally we thought this too was awesome.) From the apex of the ride you can see out and over Hogsmeade, I nearly cried. It all looked so perfect. Then I looked down and saw and the people crammed in together walking around the “town” and remembered that it was kind of crazy down there at this point in the day.

After that, we rode The Dragon Challenge (formerly The Dueling Dragons) where we chose to ride the Chinese Fireball as opposed to the Hungarian Horntail. (Cause we’re Triwizard Champions Mutha-F*cka!) I was almost disappointed that we didn’t stand throughout the ques, the atmosphere, everywhere, is just amazing. We pretty much just walked past everyone and took pictures of all the coolest stuff, but it definitely wouldn’t suck to have to wait in line there… if waiting in line in itself didn’t suck so much, ya know?

We did walk about Hogsmeade despite the crowd (how could we not, hello?) Plus, after enjoying the rest of the parks we planned on returning to the Harry Potter world later. There was so much to see!

Ollivander’s, The Three Broomsticks, Honeydukes, Zonkos, The Owlry… the list goes on. It was so F’ing fantastic!!!

Kacie and I even met the conductor of the Hogwarts Express!!! As I approached, he ask in what way I was related to the Weasley family!

But the best part of all, was that we went o Hogwarts! Hogwarts, people!!! It was the ultimate, the best, my nerdiest dream come true. This truly is the happiest place on Earth!

We pretty much rode everything you would want to ride at Island of Adventure, then we headed over to Universal Studios. We rode what we wanted to there but mostly hung out and relaxed. We decided to hop on over to The Hard Rock Hotel and go for a swim in the pool. Casey Ron and I participated in a couple of Hula hoop contests, but we mostly just rode the water slide.

Once we were feeling refreshed and cooled off, we changed and headed back to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We rode each ride a couple more times, well, we rode The Forbidden Journey way more than a couple. ♥

We mostly walked around Hogsmeade and took pictures with the things we didn’t get to earlier. We also did some small souvenir shopping. We also got ourselves a tasty Butterbeer!!!

We ended our night at The Hard Rock cafe where we got a tour of the John Lennon room. (Casey and I had been up there back in November of 2007.) It was amazing!!! We sat on John Lennon’s couch, touch his white “Imagine”/”Double Fantasy” piano. Kacie was so happy to be up there, shes a huge Beatles/John Lennon fan also so I knew she would love it!

My feet are killing me. I have blisters on my blisters. But it was an amazing day! Ron and Brad definitely hooked us up. Kacie had a blast. Mission Hogwarts: Success!


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