4th of July!!!

This year, for the 4th of July, “the roommates”: Casey, Kacie, J and I spent the day at J’s parent’s house is St Lucie West. Kacie and I painted our nails in the spirit of Independence day. We pretty much: drank an entire bottle of Patron (Casey and J were hardly helping Kacie and I with this at all!) Played some Pool Volleyball in the rain, watched the fireworks from the Mets Stadium and then blew some stuff up! Happy 4th of July!!! Here are some pictures from the days activities!

Poolside complete with hot dogs, hamburgers and margaritas!!

Check out my awesome flag nails as I chump down on this burger!

Yay! 4th of July toenails!!!
Poolside with Casey!
Kacie playing in the pool!

Me and My Pirate Margarita!! ‘Cause I’m a Pirate you know.

My Flag Cake!
The aftermath of our indulgences.
…still drinking.


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