Maid of Honor Adventures :: Location, Location, Location.

a view down the beach

Today was my first official working day as my little sister Shannon’s Maid of Honor! On today’s agenda, Shannon, her fiance Artie and I went about town looking at potential wedding locations. They already knew they wanted a very “beachy”, “Florida” wedding and reception. Shannon had a list of beach houses for rent down near Bathtub Beach so we started our day down there.

After walking down the beach and checking out the back of a few of the houses, we decided to check out some of the other spots. We headed down Indian River Drive to a little tropical cottage community made up of very colorful bungalows. My Mom and Dad had checked them out earlier in the week and we were planning on meeting up with Dad over there.

Unfortunately we first went to wrong colorful cottages. It was pretty crappy-looking. After realizing our mistake we went to the right ones: River Palm Cottages

It was so cute!! I totally spaced and forgot to take pictures because we were so busy looking around at everything. Shannon and Artie loved it and decided that would be the place! The date they originally wanted (early May) was booked. In fact everything from May thru September was booked, except for Mid-July… and that wasn’t about to happen. Considering September is right there in the peak of hurricane season, nobody wanted that either. March was very available, but Artie’s b-day is in March and Shannon felt very strongly about not having their anniversary so close. However a weekend mid-April was available, so that’s the date! Perfect!

Successful Day!!! and it was a ton of fun!


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