Guitar Update.

My guitar is coming right along. Besides minor touch-ups, I’m finished with the painting. After I lacquer the entire thing I’ll install all it’s hardware and fixtures, string it up… and viola! Complete.

The Body so far.

I really wanted the background to be very, sort of, spacey. Wisps of gold swirls through the purple hues and gold and silver stars are scattered though out.

No Hardware or Lacquer yet

I really didn’t know what to do with the neck. I finally ended up blending the dirrefent shades of purple as I did on the body and then sponged gold accross each of the frets. The most recent work I put into the piece was picking and shaving the paint off of each of the frets… it’s nearly impossible to tape each one off. Ryan showed me the easiest way to do this using an exacto knife.

It’s almost done!!! I’ll be customizing my acoustic next!!

Dave Matthews Band concert tomorrow night with Casey, Ryan, and Cromer!!! So excited!!

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