Maid of Honor Adventures :: Finding THE Dress

So yesterday, Shannon and I went dress shopping, we went to this one place in Stuart hich was quite the experience. It was run by a little Asian lady who made all the dresses and her super creeper of a husband.

First of all, we had to be buzzed in. You cant just open the door there, no. So you go to open it and then look like an idiot when it doesn’t open, then someone hits a button but you have to wait to hear “the click” before you can pull. We later found out that you can’t get out without someone hitting the button either… creepy.

So, Shannon and I both have our Starbucks in hand as we walk in and the first thing both the little Asian lady and Super Creep practically yell at us is “You have to leave your drink here!” “No drink near dresses!”… now I completely and 100% understand this. But they could have at least started with “Hi, Ladies.” or “Hello. Good Afternoon.” SOMETHING!

So we put our drinks on the counter and then stand there… waiting… and nobody said anything. So I was like “We’re here to look at dresses.” Obvious, yes… but what the hell? They still didn’t really reply so we walked into the room with all the dresses in bags…

So we’re looking and since we received such little help at the start, we felt comfortable just looking around. Then tiny Asian pops up and is all smiles and help… Shannon described what she wanted and the lady brought out a few options. Shannon grabbed one and headed for the dressing room and then tiny Asian told me to piss off and have a seat while she followed my sister into the changing room. Funny how in control of the situation she had become so suddenly…

When tiny Asian lady emerged from the room she turned to me sitting on a little tawdry stool with my camera in hand. Her huge smile quickly faded and she scolded me saying “No picture allowed! One of a kind pieces! No picture!” What-the-fuck-ever. I just had to say something snotty… all I came up with was some slide about how later, when we have pictures from the other places, we wont have any from these dresses and wont even remember what they looked like… she just continued glaring at me.

Our Dad met up with us and weighed in on day one of dress shopping. A few of the dresses really looked fantastic on Shannon, and tiny Asian was full of confidence boosting bits of phrases throughout… but none were really what she wanted and were rather cheap looking… in fact at one point when tiny Asian lady wasn’t letting Shannon express that she didn’t want the huge cluster of cheap-ass-looking bows and sequence on the back of one of the gowns I told tiny Asian how cheap it looked… she didn’t like that, but she didn’t take too kindly to me as it was… so fuck her, and her cheap gowns.

Afterward Dad, Shannon and I had lunch and then headed back to the house to a day by the pool. Very nice.

Today, I had to work, so Shannon and my Mom went down to West Palm Beach to David’s Bridal and continued the hunt. Now, what Shannon wanted from the beginning was something very simple but still a gown… and she found it… I wish I could have been there, but I definitely plan on going when she has to pick it up… it’s so cute! and she looks adorable!!!

She looks kind of pissed, but that’s the front.

A side view.

I love the back! It’s just so cute!

Cute, simple, and elegant… I love it! I can’t wait until we go down there to have her try it on again! I also can’t wait to find the dresses for me and Sarah!


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