Decluttering My Life :: My Closet

Recently I’ve been on a huge decluttering kick. Today’s mission was the closet. The picture below barely shows the madness that was spilling out into my bedroom. I’ve put very little thought into my clothes, closet or myself for a while… this is what resulted… chaos.

Clothes and everything else spilling out from the closet.

Crap piled upon crap.

I’ve always been completely anal when it comes to my closet. I’ve always stored my beloved wardrobe neatly and separated them according to style and then broken down by color. It’s something my friends and family have teased me about, but for me, there’s no other logical way to organize these things.

In the past couple of years, I feel like I’ve lost so much of myself. With the stresses of paying bills and keeping jobs I’ve loathed reporting to, I’ve allowed myself to grow depressed and passive about things like my closet. In fact, I haven’t put much at all into myself in years. I resent going to work most days; not because “its work”, but because afterward I’m so exhausted and depressed that I don’t feel like doing anything else. I don’t go enjoy the things I used to enjoy. And one of the things I used to enjoy the most, was the time that I got ready and focused on nothing but myself each day. I would take FOREVER preparing myself for the day, and not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I enjoyed being by myself, doing my hair and my make-up, and accessorizing my outfit before facing the world and all the stupid people walking around on it. My own personal form of daily meditation.

So when I first moved to Orlando, I continued my ritual, but it became increasingly harder to relax, thus making it obsolete. Sooner than later I had my routine down to 15mins before I would rush out the door to listen to the complaints of uppity douche bags . It seems getting ready in the morning takes a lot less time when your fugly uniform gets picked for you by some room of corporate assholes. (But at least I worked in the air conditioner and not outside on one of those damn rides; those sweaty, smiling employees just don’t get paid enough for all that. Or maybe I’m just a miserable person; I’ll admit I definitely wasn’t happy enough for the happiest place on Earth… which is exactly why I switched to the much lesser of two theme park evils… but the uniform was still disgusting.) Which brings me to my “funk”.

There was no creativity involved in my getting ready. This was depressing me without me even being completely aware at the time. When I would get home from work I would put on the comfiest clothes in my pajama drawer and commence with doing nothing until I passed out to wake up and do it again. Since returning to P.S.L. I’ve worked in medical offices and have worn scrubs at least 5 times a week for the past 2 years. No thought required in the morning. (Really freaking early morning too. It sucks.) I’ve lost so much of myself in the last 3 years stemming mostly from the required attire for the positions I’ve held. (And the positions themselves.) So I’m taking it back.

Opening up my newly organized closet makes me so happy! It’s so cute and colorful…

I’m so relieved! and room for lots more!!
You can’t see, but to the left are dresses, sweaters,
skirts and oxfords. To the right is Casey’s section. 🙂

I went through all the piles of clothes and tried being as realistic as possible about what I should get rid of. When all was said and done, I had gotten rid of 3 garbage bags full of clothes (I don’t even know how many tops there were!), 23 pairs of shoes (this was truly difficult.), and several bags/purses.

For the stuff I was keeping: I bought a large hot pink plastic container for sneakers, dance, and theater shoes and I put my favorite shoes in the hot pink hanging shoe organizer that I already had. I stored all my boots in boxes on the top shelf with my bags, jeans and the green plastic containers I bought  to house my scarves, belts and other accessories. I utilized the plastic drawers that I already had for  storing my bathing suits and other delicates. And I bought a turquoise hanging closet organizer for my t-shirts, casual tank-tops, and shorts.  I just feel so good about all of this! I separated my clothes the way I’ve always liked them separated. Something as simple as organizing my closet has really improved my over-all moral, at least for tonight. I know my moral will just get even higher when I buy a whole bunch of new stuff!

Organizing my closet was one of the small ways I’m taking back control over my happiness. It really was a good day.


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