10 Reasons Why I Love :: Mad Men

I could go on and one about how incredible the acting is or how fantastic the writing is, but thats to be experienced.

Here are Ten Reasons why I love MAD MEN on AMC. Now these aren’t the ONLY reasons why I love Mad Men, just simply ten of the reasons why I do.

#10 :: NEW YORK It is here, where we lay our scene. Working on Madison Avenue and going home to “the country” on Long Island…

Lower Manhattan 1965

Growing up on Long Island, my favorite movies (9 times out of 10) were set in New York: Ghostbusters I & II, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles I & II (f*ck III), Etc. So even though I knew there was a whole big world, it was hard to even imagine a life not centering around New York… So even now, I am always partial toward shows and movies that are set there.

#9 :: CHAIN SMOKING. Nowadays we let things like babies, lung cancer, and pregnancy get in the way of enjoying a good smoke. and another. and another. -God, now I want a cigarette.

#8 :: PRODUCT PLACEMENT Ok. The show is about Ad Executives. It’s fun to see the old ads for the real products and to hear the characters predictions on each one’s success.

I love it!

#7 :: SALLY DRAPER She is the perfect example of the new generation on the brink of rebellion. She’s already smoked, gotten drunk and resents Betty.

In a few short years Sally will “Tune In, Turn On and Drop Out” in direct contradiction to the old-school gender rules that Betty has lived her life by, and I can’t wait!

#6 :: POP CULTURE AND HISTORICAL REFERENCES It gives the audience the perfect time-line as well as express and foreshadow all the changes in society. The Cuban Missle Crisis and The Assination of JFK served as the Season 2 and 3 finales and Betty, already fed-up with most of her life, reads “The Group” by Mary McCarthy.

#5 :: THE “GENTLEMEN” Although, not always so much. But they’re still foxy, so I love them.

#4 :: EVOLUTION Not only in the clothing, but also in commonly accepted social opinions. The changes with how Women, African Americans and Gays are viewed are particularly well expressed.

But it’s so fun watching all the changes in fashion!

Betty’s fashion choices changing.

#3 :: THE STYLE Mad Men in itself is a very stylized show. But the wardrobe is amazing! It’s perfect. I’ve always loved the fashions of the 1960’s (as well as: the 1920’s, 40’s, and 50’s.) and long before it was considered fashionable. (In fifth grade, a boy wouldn’t go out with me because I was “too much of a hippie.” And I could totally understand if that meant that I was an irregular bather covering myself in patchouli… thats too much of a hippie… but this was based simply on the fact that I enjoyed the fashions of that time… as well as inspirations from other eras… one time a girl made fun of me in front of everyone because I was wearing capris, keds, and a cardigan (I was happy I had skipped the neck scarf…)

Trudy Campbell and Jane Sterling, in my opinion, are two of the best dressed characters. I just love how cute and classy and clean everything is. I love the scarves, and gloves, and HATS

#2 :: JOAN HOLLOWAY I. Love. Joan! “C’est Magnifique” just as she played on the accordion. Played by Christina Hendricks, Joan can handle anything and has a solution to every problem. Basically, Joan holds shit down (except for when she’s being held down, which I’m still pissed about…)

Joan taking care of business.
“C’est Magnifique”

And as if it wasn’t already clear she’s H.B.I.C., this redheaded fox looks amazing in any color (this isn’t always easy for redheads, only some of us can.) I won’t rest until I have my very own adorable pen necklace!

#1 :: DON DRAPER PITCHES KODAK CAROUSEL I was bawling my eyes out. This is just one example of the amazing, Don Draper and one of my favorite moments of the series.


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