Fizzl’d Fruit Dry-Heaves

Ok. So Ryan has been wanting “blue Skittles” for about week now. Anytime someone was running up to the store he would ask them to get some. Needless to say, nobody ever returned with “blue Skittles”. That is until the other night when Casey successfully scored a bag of “blue Skittles”.

Now, when Ryan asked for “blue Skittles” he was referring to Tropical Skittles, a common favorite; and they are delicious! Unfortunately, what Casey purchased was not a bag of Tropical Skittles. They were, however, in blue packaging.

What Casey purchased are the new Fizzl’d Fruits Skittles: Skittles coated in some kind of Pop Rock-esque crap. (Some kind of sorry attempt at a hybrid candy.) Ryan and Casey discovered they were horrid before I had gotten home from work that day. I was offered one of these detestable morsels under the guise of generosity and friendship, but it was actually to see how disgusted I would be with these little shit-nuggets.

They’re just horrible. Positively putrid. In fact, the only taste that I feel most closely compares to the way these Skittles taste would be: the taste in your mouth, in the early morning, after you’ve been drinking heavily, in between dry heaves… and you’ve already brushed your teeth several times, and how many times can you really muster the strength to brush your teeth? and you know you’ll be heaving over the bowl again in about 10-15 minutes anyway, so you don’t bother brushing your teeth again this time… it tastes like that. Fizzl’d Fruits Skittles taste like drunken dry-heave mouth.

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing these.

Oh, PS: They don’t even fizzle. So, I don’t know, you fail Skittles. Tropical Skittles would have been amazing though…

Also, we, my family that is, celebrated my sister’s 21st birthday this week. I just love this picture of her and my mom! My favorite pictures are of people really experiencing something; like laughter and joy. I especially love those real moments captured in the faces of the people I love. ♥ Happy 21st Birthday Shannon!!


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