Brian M. Viveros

On an episode of L.A. Ink, that I saw recently, a girl was getting a tattoo of a painting by the artist Brian M. Viveros. I thought it looked pretty awesome so I visited his website… I fell in love! He’s an artist of various mediums and all of it is beautiful. There’s not much I can say because the work really speaks for itself ( & the names of his pieces are amazing in their own right.) but I’ve picked a few of my favorites and I’d like to share them with you.

I hope you’ll visit his site and check out more of his work, it really is amazing! Enjoy!
The Art of Brian M. Viveros


Dirt Tease – 2010

Vikeodin – 2010
Gladiate Her – 2010
Last Rites – 2008
Viva La Muerte

Last Round – 2010

Dirtyland III – 2008
Octopussy – 2007
Fight Klub – 2008


Mosquito Bite – 2007 (Ink on Paper)

Back Massage


Psycho Del Lick My Pussy – 2007

Too see more of Brian M. Viveros’s artwork, please visit his website.
The Art of Brian M. Viveros

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