"I’d Rather Walk" – Preview and Critiquing

Casey and I were invited to watch a preview of a work-in-progress show called I’d Rather Walk at the Lyric Theater in Downtown Stuart. Casey and I have both worked at the Lyric Theater in the past (he as a stagehand and as part of the lighting crew, me in the box office and as a wardrobe assistant to the artists). The show is being produced by John Loesser and was written by, directed by, and staring Nonie Breen who has frequented the Lyric as Sister in the Late Night Catechism shows.

It was really fun to be apart of. Those invited were members of the local theatre community and were asked to provide notes and criticisms. Over all I thought the show was very funny and definitely entertaining. It was obviously no where near completed; voice over and video gags were obviously thrown together for the preview and are going to be redone… and if they weren’t planning on rerecording them, they should definitely consider doing so.

Basically, theres this really old Flight Attendant on I.R.W. airlines (or something) who reminisces about the times of being a Stewardess and since shes old, she complains and gives the audience a hard time. In fact, it requires audience participation and interaction which really could only work well in a small venue like a dinner theater or a comedy club. If done in such a location, the show would be great! However, doing such a show in a proscenium just doesn’t work.

Having performed in murder mystery dinner theater tours that require A LOT of audience participation since 2004, I feel like she could have done more with the audience. Honestly, she just wasn’t hard enough on them. Jokes were made at their expense, but none really delivered. In a more appropriate atmosphere, so much more can be done with the audience members.

I was excited to participate in such a critiquing, and I obviously had a few notes to share. We were asked to write them on note cards so that they can be reviewed later. I’d love to see the show again when it’s completed, I really enjoyed myself. (I even got picked on few times.)

Visit The Lyric Theater website to view their upcoming
2010-2011 Season and to purchase tickets.

I borrowed the dress from Kacie.
The Silver Sag Harbor Satchel I bought at Ross for like $20.
The Silver Rampage Heels I also bought at Ross for $14.99.


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