Clog Blog :: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Can someone please tell me why we are all pretending that clogs look good? Clogs are NEVER really “in”… even when they are indeed “in”… like they were this past Spring/Summer and continue to be a trend this fall. I thought that maybe I was the only one who thought so until earlier today while having a very important clog discussion with Kacie.

Just have a look at these horrid things:

Those are Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s, Vanessa Hudgens’s, and Rachel Bilson’s choices.
Ashlee’s aren’t horrific, but they’re still pretty ugly. I’m not sure Vanessa’s even qualify as clogs, but I like the color. Rachel’s are, in all their traditional clog glory, ugly.

I do however like the rest of Rachel Bilson’s outfit, especially the bag.

Um… Gross.
Stubby, little heel. And I smell sweaty feet just looking at them.

These are the perfect example, of the most disgusting example of clog-wearing.
These clogs are the reason why magazines need to use caution when exclaiming “Clogs Are In!”

Not even the cute and colorful adds for Swedish HasBeen’s clogs can sway me…

But I’m an optimist, and…
♥ Chanel … just might…
maybe it’s the higher heel, I don’t know… something about these
doesn’t immediately scream “fulgy!” In fact I like them a lot.

I also like these “clogs” by Zara.
Although, I think these shoes are far from just a c log.
They’re more of a Candies-Roman-Clog hybrid.

Jeffrey Campbell also makes a stylish pair of clogs. I don’t particularly like them, but in the world of clogs, these aren’t disgusting. I’m starting to think it’s all in the size of the heel.

Another rare example of c logs working.
Mary-Kate’s… or Ashley’s… who really cares anyway?, well her pair are pretty cute.
Very slender and more of a wedge. (-I think it’s Mary Kate.)

In summary: be very careful with clogs. Most likely they’ll be completely horrible and everyone will hear and smell your sweaty feet clompin’ towards them from way too far away. However, a clog that shares more qualities with other fabulous styles just might work; and from what I can tell, Size Matters. The higher and thinner the heel, the less ugly, at least in my opinion. (Translation: The less they look like clogs, the better.)

I also did some shopping for fall recently… maybe a little too much shopping.

♥ I definitly spruced up my make-up for the season. I bought the 88 piece Eye Shadow Palette from after reading a review on I also picked up two new Lash Stiletto liquid liners from Maybelline in Brownish Black and Blackest Black. I also picked-up their Blackest Black Lash Stiletto Mascara (as well as my old favorite Great Lash in Blackest Black as well… Maybelline was on sale buy one get on half off!!)

♥ I go through black nail polish like water, so I picked up a cheap bottle along with orange for Halloween and a really pretty plum color.

♥ Yesterday I spent the day shopping. I picked up two Cashmere and Cotton sweaters from The Gap. I tried one on and fell in love. They fit snuggley, but big and roomy at the same time, just so comfortable and cute. With a pair of skinnies and some boots, they will look adorable… I got one in Navy Blue and one in an Olive Green and I can’t wait to wear them! (I’m so ready for fall… although, I’ll probably have to wait until “winter” down here.)

♥ I had been wanting a purple bag for fall and I found this Nine West one at Ross for only 17.99. (I just love the way a new purse smells…)

♥ I also got a pair of green sunglasses and several t-shirts, mostly for layering. I found this t-shirt at Ross and just had to get it. I think it pretty much says it all:


♥ I’m also waiting for my order from Forever 21 to be delivered. I ordered a few things earlier in the week and I’m super excited to get them.

I needed this. It’s rare that I buy myself anything. And I am a sale-finder extraordinaire! There’s a really adorable cape-sweater in green at Old Navy that I will be buying on Monday as soon as their sweaters go on sale for $20 as their item of the week. It looks fantastic with my hair. I can’t wait for it to get cold!!!



  1. i love how u said clogs only look good w/ a longer and thinner heel….basicallly the less they look like clogs the better they look…lmao!! def agree!and i love ur owl shirt ❤

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