Jets Win! and Coconut M-n-Ms are amazing

♥ Jets Win!! Shut down the Patriots 28-14!!! ♥

Today the Jets played New England and it was an amazing game! As a Jets fan, I was kept very happy throughout most of the game, especially the second half.
Maybe it had something to do with the pictures I took earlier today:

I needed a good default pic for Facebook on Sundays this season…
plus the photo shoot I had scheduled this afternoon was canceled, and I was “in the mood”.
(After that game though, I was so thankful that the photographer had to cancel,)

Coconut M&Ms are FANTASTIC!!! I absolutely love them. If you havn’t tried them yet, do so. Especially if you are a fan of Almond Joy/Mounds and other coconut candies.

They kept me in the Jets spirit since the colors include
Green, White, and Brown only.

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