Amazing Weekend in Football… for me!

On Sunday, The New York Jets played The Miami Dolphins. This is always a big game. I listened to so much crap being talked by obnoxious Dolphins fans all week and especially all Sunday before the game. And the game; The game was amazing! It was exciting from start to finish. In the end, The Jets Won!!! I was very, very pleased about that, and even more so that all those f*ckers (Dolphin Fans) can eat the sh*t they talked!! (To be fair it was a very close game up until the very end).

Casey, Sarah and I were very happy with the results! ♥

But not only did my team win their game, I won this week’s pick ’em pool!! (Woop-Woop) I won $90! I was totally stoked. It came down to the Bears/Packers Game and then the closest guess for total points. I bet on the Bears and predicted 36 total points… The Bears won and the total score was 37… heeeeyyy!

Here’s me with my winnings! ♥
That cute little owl in glasses says “It’s not about how you look, but how you see.”

Needless to say, I am a very happy fan this week.

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