Maid of Honor Adventures :: Bridesmaids Dresses

So earlier this morning, Shannon, Sarah and I drove down to West Palm Beach. Not only were we picking up Shannon’s dress, Sarah and I were trying on possible Bridesmaids dresses.

We walked around and pulled some styles we wanted to try on. We already knew the colors would be Cornflower Blue and Canary Yellow; Me in blue, Sarah in yellow.

While Sarah and I began trying on some of the dresses, the lady went in the back to get Shannon’s dress. The dress they ordered specifically for her… Her wedding dress. Well, the lady returned with a dress. A very pretty dress. So pretty in fact, that when Shannon originally picked out her dress, this dress the the runner up… second place… Not. Her. Dress.

As Sarah and I were jabbering on about the crap you babble about while picking out dresses for special occasions, Shannon had unzipped the dress bag, stared in disbelief and then reluctantly stated, “This isn’t my dress.”

“What?” Sarah and I practically shouted. Then, there it was; that dreaded glimmer of Bridezilla in Shannon’s eyes as she once again, however louder said, “This is not my dress.”

The lady panicked and ran away… for real. Up and peaced, asap… The Manager returned promptly to investigate (which I actually didn’t expect since I had heard horrible things about The David’s Bridal in WPB… some kind of problem, however, I did anticipate…) she discovered that the wrong dress had indeed been ordered. They did, however, have a “brand new” dress in the style and size she ordered (i put “brand new” in quotation only because this is pretty much the oldest pitch in the industry… its always “brand new”.) Well we naturally inspected the shit out of that dress… it did appear to be new. She was satisfied.

So the attention returned to my and Sarah’s dress. This was the style we chose. Mine was super big (Sarah is actually grabbing a hand-full of dress in the back to try and show it’s fit.) so the bottom looks very puffy…

But these are the colors we will be wearing. Except Sarah will be in the Canary Yellow and I’ll be in the Cornflower Blue. Each of us will also wear alternating sashes around our waists.

Later on that evening, Shannon, Mom and I went cake tasting at the most adorable little cake shoppe with the most delicious cakes: A Piece of Cake by Elana

Their cakes are so beautiful, colorful, creative and everything awesome about cakes. The cakes we sampled were all delicious: A Godiva Chocolate Marble Swirl, Chocolate and Peanut butter and the cake we were really there to try: Butter Rum Cake… it was more than we dreamed it could be. It was amazing. The other cakes were f*cking amazing too! I’m not even a huge peanut butter and chocolate combo person, but that cake was delicious! But the Butter Rum Cake blew us away! It wasn’t over powering, or too sweet (the wedding is on the beach with lots of alcohol) it would taste perfect with a margarita or daiquiri but just as good with a cup of coffee.

Her fiance was really hoping for Lemon cake. So the middle layer of the the three tiers will be lemon and the bottom and top Butter Rum. She picked this cake as inspiration. Her bottom and top tier will be blue, middle yellow, white pearling around each base and “realistically” colored starfish and seashells (no coral though! She thought it looked ugly.)
After cake tasting, Mom, Shannon and I got some dinner which was nice. In fact, the entire day went really well! Mission Success!


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