Ginger of the Month – Magenta (RHPS)

I knew exactly who I wanted to pick for Ginger of the Month for October months ago: Magenta from the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. As a kid, when I would watch RHPS (yes, I watched as a child, kind of f*ed up…) I always felt a closeness to Magenta. As soon as I discovered that fans could dress up as and participate in viewings of the film I was forever Magenta for Rocky Horror occasions… I mean, come on… with this frizz-fro? Nobody else’s Magenta ever comes anywhere near mine… I AM Magenta.

Anyway, she’s awesome and since The Rocky Horror Picture Show has become a Halloween staple, what better month for Magenta to be Ginger of?

Actually, Columbia was a redhead too.
(As a side note, Kacie is always and forever the Columbia to my Magenta).

So… I already know who I’m picking for Ginger of the Month for November and December. I am very excited about both. One satisfies my nerdy side, the other my rock and roll angst. Check back to see who they will be! Thanks for reading!


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