Halloween Shopping!

Today Kacie, Nicki, and I went Halloween Shopping. Our whole day revolved around going to Party City’s 50% off sale. When we got there, there was no sale. Half the store employees told us that sale ended today, so we asked if that meant that it included today and they couldn’t answer that… Then we were told it was only select costumes, and those costumes, were indeed a select few. It was packed with obnoxious kids and their strung-out parents so we bailed.

We were excited about the Sweet Sixteen sale at Old Navy because we were told that Jackets were on sale. I wanted to buy a really cute colored peacoat… well the cute coats weren’t on sale. Nicki got a few things on clearance and what not, but over all that was a bust too.

So we continued the Halloween shopping at Target where we all went into a “Target Frenzy” and bought a crap-load. We had a lot of fun in their Halloween section where Kacie snapped these pictures of Nicki and I having fun with Halloween wreaths.

I have to say, I can work the sh*t out of a wreath…

Kacie and I are super excited to decorate for Halloween. I can’t wait to post pictures!

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