Delicious Red Suede Pumps & Final Dress Rehearsal

When I bought my “Pirate Boots” earlier this month, I was told by the friendly sales associate at my local Shoe Carnival that if I returned within 30 days I could receive 1/2 off a second pair of shoes… I normally don’t shop at Shoe Carnival, because of poor inventory in the past, but I do quite like my “Pirate Boots” and 1/2 off is 1/2 off… so, yes, I went back to Shoe Carnival.

I was happy I did too, because I found these adorable Red faux-Suede Pumps by Delicious… My main motivation for shoe shopping today was to find a pair of heels to wear with my blue dinner theatre dress, but I will definitely wear these for more than just “Fanfare…” shows. And after my 50% off, I paid less than $13.

Tonight was our final dress rehearsal for “Fanfare…” We invited our friends and family to watch since the shows will be performed at various locations throughout the next year. The rehearsal wasn’t exactly awesome. There was a lot of confusion with our sound cues that we were working with for the first time tonight. But the cast is strong enough to bounce back from any set backs, which is a comfort. A bad dress rehearsal means a great opening night, so I hoping for the best on the 28th.


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