Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!!

I absolutely love this holiday!! In fact, it’s safe to say that Halloween is my favorite holiday (St Patrick’s Day and The entire Christmas Season tie for #2)

Last night, we had our annual costume party… which always ends up being some combination of the regulars and the old gang, but in costume, we don’t really do well excepting “outsiders”.

Here are a few pics of the costumes for the night and some of the tasty treats too!

Yummy cupcakes!
Kacie as a Mummy, Me as Little Red Riding Hood,
Nicki as Elvira and Danielle as Dorothy,
The Wolfman, Elvira, Jason, Freddy Kruger, Dorothy,
Old Man #1, Mummy, Little Red Riding Hood, and Old Man #2
Sarah as Freddy Kruger and Me.

Last night was super fun, even with this cold I have… the cold is worse today though. I absolutely hate that feeling of needing to sneeze, but can’t… it’s incredibly frustrating. But, being sick makes it easier to quit smoking… and as of tomorrow, I will be quitting.

Casey, Kacie, J, Sarah and Myself have all decided to quit smoking as of November 1, 2o1o. We are hoping that if none of us are smoking, we will all be more successful. Lets hope!


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