I Quit [Smoking]! Day #1 & HP7: T-18 days

-Verb – to be used with an object:
to stop, cease, or discontinue. to give up or resign; let go; relinquish

-Verb – to be used without and object:
to cease from doing something; stop.

So… I guess, when I said as of today I “quit” smoking… I really meant… I would be… cutting back?

Yes. I am a weak shell of a person.

But I really did cut back! A lot! I smoke a pack a day… sometimes less, but sometimes more; today I’ve only smoked 3… so. Yeah.

In more important news: HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 1 in only 18 more days!!! (Except, every other time a huge movie comes out, they really come out on the Wednesday before the Friday listed release date… so is it really 16 more days?! I NEED TO F*CKING KNOW… SOON.)

Kacie and I will (without even needing to say so) be attending the Midnight showing. Dressed accordingly. Sarah and Casey will most likely be in attendance as well, and hell, anyone else who f*cking loves H.Pizzle… I’m not sure why I’m writing “f*cking” so much… Something about that scare-faced son-of-a-bitch (rest in peace, Lily) just makes me loose it!

The Countdown is on!


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