I Quit [Smoking]! Day #3, #4 & #5? & Married to Rock

So yesterday and Wednesday I worked from 7:45 am – 8:30/45ish pm… So I smoked. About every two hours I smoked. That would bring each day’s total to at least 8 and then once I got home I had a few more. Today I worked from Noon to about 8:20pm and, once again, about every two hours I stepped outside for a cigarette. (But it WAS incredibly gorgeous outside today… I would have used any excuse to go out there.) So… I haven’t quit smoking. I will. I really will. But cold turkey is not my thing (I tried quitting once before and I obviously started smoking again).

-Better luck next time I guess.

Moving on… E! will be premiering a new show on November 7th at 10:30pm called Married to Rock. Now, I do enjoy a good old fashioned guilty pleasure “reality” show. I loved Rock of Love and the subsequent seasons; I can’t help it (I even got sucked into Jersey Shore and made a very hard attempt not to). However, I am also fully capable (unlike a lot of others) of picking my reality show battles… I pass on most. So I have the DVR set to record it, but I think I’m going to be disappointed. From what I know about the four woman chosen for this show they are super lame, super boring and super… not so pretty anymore.

All four of them kind of look like transvestites; transvestites that have undergone A LOT of surgery. I totally get it, I love Rock and Roll culture; plasticly-modified, wild women are the chosen girlfriends and brides… but they’re usually smoking hot… all over. These “ladies” just aren’t. In fact they’re old. And, from what I’ve seen in the previews, obnoxious. And who doesn’t love their reality stars obnoxious? That’s why we watch. But these broads, so far, have very few redeeming or endearing qualities about them. Ya gotta give me something

Not to mention, I can think of a million other rockstar wives that are way Hotter, way more Successful and way more Interesting who are married to way more Awesome Rockers. (I guess they’re all too busy being awesome to do this show.) I’ll be watching regardless, but I doubt I’ll fall in love with the series. Here’s some info on these chicks:

Susan Holmes McKagan
Married to Duff McKagan, Guns and Roses Bassist.
Susan is a former Super Model (a legitimate one) and from what I can tell so far, the least annoying and most impressive of the women.

AJ Celi
Dating The Cult Guitarist, Billy Duffy
So… she promotes nightclubs, I guess? …She works with night clubs… I don’t know.
And I thought the show was MARRIED to Rock, not the most current girlfriend of a sub-par rock “star”. She strikes me as one who will annoy me a lot.

Etty Farrell
Married to Jane’s Addiction’s Perry Farrell
Etty is a dancer, choreographer, roadie? She seems ok.
Perhaps a bit too self-righteous

Josie Stevens
Married to Guitarist Steve Stevens
… she posed “in the pages of” Playboy…
(*Please note, posing in Playboy is NOT the same or remotely close to being chosen as a Centerfold… and while we’re on topic, being a Playboy cyber girl, is even worse.)
I think this one’s going to annoy me too.

I guess I’ll just have to watch and see if I am to be proven wrong. Perhaps I will love the show and record every episode or I might just get sick of the lame-ass ladies on it. Someone I do love on TV also has a show premiering this week, CONAN O’BRIEN!!!

Conan’s new late night talk show will premier on TBS on November 8 at 11pm.
& I might actually watch TBS…


  1. That Josie chick is on par with my least favorite rock wife (Vince Neil tranny)absolutely appalling and dumb as a rock… wow… really Steve Stevens, you married that?!?!

  2. wow. this post got popular pretty quickly. it wasn't even in my top 5 most popular posts, but today it has jumped up in there and has increased positions at least 3 times today… weird. out of all my posts?

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