People’s Choice Awards Voting

So voting is currently open for the 2010 People’s Choice Awards. I know I shouldn’t take for granted my Constitutional right to make my voice heard, so I headed over to The People’s Choice Awards and cast my votes. To be completely honest, most of the people and things nominated I didn’t even give a crap about. I pretty much picked for stupid reasons, but at least I did my part and voted! I believe in voting without having too much prior knowledge of the candidates anyway. I’m American.

There were a few of my personal favs that were nominated though:
I voted for Johnny Depp for Favorite Actor (over-all I guess… ???) and Julia Roberts for Favorite Actress. Robert Downy Jr was my pick for Favorite Action Star, mostly because he’s so damn sexy. Favorite Talk Show Host, Conan… Hello?… and I haven’t even watched his new show yet. I voted for Lady Gaga for Favorite Female Artist and Favorite Pop Artist.

Here’s one category that got me: Favorite Star Under 25. Nominees: Emma Watson (Who I obviously picked), Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron… really? Two couples and a 5th wheel? Seemed stupid… anyway. Favorite TV Obsession, I picked Dexter. Favorite Rock Band I completely skipped… I refused to vote at all.

The nominees for Favorite Rock Bad are as follows:

Daughtry. (Please.)
Linkin Park (Excuse me while I stab myself in the face repeatedly.)
Maroon 5. (If I were drinking milk and someone announced Maroon 5 as a nominee for ANYTHING Rock Band (other than shittiest), I would proceed to laugh hard enough for the milk to squirt out of my nose. Then I would be so pissed because my nasal passages would burn and I’d say “Damn you, Maroon 5! I hate you in more ways than one!… Just not as more than or nearly as much as f*cking Linkin Park.” Seriously, I f*cking hate Linkin Park.)
Nichelback. … … … I usually just move on to the next song, station or channel whenever Nichelback comes on… so….
Paramore… They were the final nominee….
so I just skipped that one… no vote from me, thank you.

They also had a category called “Favorite Viral Video” or “Favorite Internet Phenomenon” or something like that. One of the nominees is a video of an 11 year old boy named Greyson Chance doing a cover of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. I had never seen it before… I loved it. So it got my vote. Here’s the video if you haven’t seen it yet.


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