Trends I’m Dieing to Wear

I am dieing for a sweater dress!
You can pair them with so many other pieces for a really easy, super adorable Fall/Winter look.

I’d really love one in an eggshell or cream color. ♥

Another piece I’m dieing to have in my closet is a Leather Mini… ugh… I’ve wanted one for so long and now, they’re in and everywhere.

Celebs love Leather Minis too!

In addition to my Leather Mini, I’ve always wanted a pair of really tight, rock and roll style Leather pants. A’la Jim Morrison. I will have them one of these days… I will have my Jim Morrison pants!

And a MUST that I NEED, is a tailored blazer. I have a couple of blazers, none of which fit exceptionally well. I need a new one.

And who wouldn’t love a $2Million bra in their lingerie drawer? The Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Fantasy Bra is covered in 3,000 diamonds. Modeled by (my favorite) Victoria’s Secret Model, Adriana Lima, in addition to all those diamonds, this bra is made with 18K White Gold.
So Hot. I would totally switch teams for Adriana.

Oh, and we are now only 6 days away from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!


  1. I plan on having custom Jim pants made for me once i get a little smaller.. Have a black sweater dress and LOVE IT. As for the bra, my boobs would break that sucker! gorgeous though!

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