Weeds Finale – Nancy Botwin’s Style

Tonight was the season finale of Weeds. This season came up a little short for me, as have all seasons beyond season 3. We did learn that all three of Nancy’s sons have different daddies:
Silas – Lars, the good-looking, hometown bro
Shane – Judah, family man
Stevie – Esteban, the suave Mexican drug lord and politician

Good-bye Nancy Botwin and family, I shall diligently watch next season, as I do every season, even when disappointed.

Nancy Botwin, for however much sh*t she gets herself into, always looks fabulous! And there’s a super casual, super easy way to get Nancy Botwins Style.

  • Casual Jeans – These are Diesel
  • Bohemian Top – Like this one from Forever21
  • Hobo/Bohemian Bag – Unknown
  • Awesome Shoes – Nancy is a shoe Maverick, the possibilities are endless. – These are Miu Miu
  • Over-Sized Shades – Dolce & Gabbana
  • Spice it up with lots of dangley/chucky/whatever jewelry.

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