Recent Reads & Trend Spotting

Today I picked up the December issues of both Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire. I was SO excited to see two of my favorite girls on the covers: Emma Watson and Katy Perry.

The Emma Watson article in Marie Claire was fantastic! (girl crush alert!) Emma discussed studying at Brown University and life beyond Hermione Granger. She also talked fashion, and when this gorgeous fashionista talks fashion, I listen. One quote I particularly loved:

“… In this day and age, the way you present yourself to the world is a big deal. … I love fashion, but that’s not going to be the most important thing about my day. I’m never going to look perfect all the time. …” -♥ her!

Emma Watson, Marie Claire December 2010

I definitely suggest picking up the issue if you havn’t already. In addition to the fabulous Emma…

There were some really great reads and trend-spotting reports:

Neutrals are obviously in.
Lots of soft creams and off-whites.

As if it were any secret… Metallics. Especially Golds.
Goes along with the Neutrals, but with glitz.

Also, something I need more of, are laces
and whimsical textures.
(I’d love, and desperately want, a feather skirt!)

And over all, lots of sparkle!

Check out these totally amazing Chanel Earrings featured on the Horoscope page of
December’s Harper’s Bazaar.

♥ I’m in love. ♥
I would totally wear them any and every time I did a Tarot read, Palm read or
Astrology chart for someone.



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