Leather & Glitter & Lips, Oh my!

Totally exciting shopping day!

… and not because it was Cyber Monday. In fact, Cyber Monday is kind of like “its the last day of the Thanksgiving shopping weekend… do you want any of this crap?” However, I’m sure there were plenty of awesome steals. I was browsing for gifts for my family and because I didn’t exactly know what I was looking for, I didn’t have much success; but the featured sale items still pretty much sucked and there wasn’t really that big of a sale on good items.

But here’s why it was an exciting shopping day none-the-less:

First, Kacie, who knows how much I’ve been obsessing over, searching for an adorable rock and roll leather mini, sent me a picture of this skirt and says shes buying it for me! AWESOME! All the way down in Deerfield, my #1 Chick had my fashion back! Then she texts saying that it’s only $10!!! So I told her to get two so we could have matching leather minis!!!


I love the zippers! You can totally wear it as tight as you want!

THEN: After no success on-line shopping, I was in need of an immediate fix. So I went to Marshall’s and bought the Steve Madden Black Glitter Pumps that I have also been obsessing over for at least a week. Only $30!!!

And just as I knew they would, the pumps and the Ava Rose Wristlet look perfect together!!
I’m so excited to wear them!

I stopped by Wal-Mart on my way home and as I browsed cosmetics, I came across two of my favorite beauty must haves!

I used to keep a steady supply of Sally Hansens Lip Plumper, but I fell of the wagon…
I’m getting back on. I love this stuff. $5.24

You can wear it under or over lip color, or just by itself (which is what I do most of the time).


I have very thick, very curly hair… Allow me to translate into reality speak:
I have very dry, frizzy, bushy hair.

Naturally, styling and processing (haha… that’s a contradiction in terms) only make this worse.

This stuff is terrific.
I use one tube, once a week to keep excessive dryness at bay.
It was on sale for $5.97

Ahhh… The dragon is at bay tonight… I got my fix.

Also: I added two new blogs to my “Who I’m Reading” list.

  • the Fashion P.A. I stumbled across this blogger on Twitter and love love love her blog! PLUS, SHE’S A GINGER TOO!!
  • Thnkgod4Victoria This blogger I’ve known through mutual friends and fell in love with her blog. Then, I thought she deleted it (only changed the URL). But I was happy to find it again!

Both are totally fashionable, totally adorable chicks with great tips!



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