I Quit [my job]!

Yes, today I quit my job at the clinic.

I’ve been working in medical reception, mostly local urgent care centers, for the past 3 years. It hasn’t exactly been a secret that I hated it either. Of course, I met several really awesome friends and it didn’t completely suck sometimes. And somethings about it were kind of awesome [sometimes]. Most of all, it was a secure, steady paycheck and I was grateful for that.

Unfortunately, I was so angry and stressed all the time. Being the spoiled little artist that I am, I felt like all my outlets of creativity were constantly being stifled. I’m an artist. My background and heart is in Theatre. I couldn’t even dress cute. I would have to guess, that over the last 3 years, 50% of the time I was wearing scrubs and 35% of the time I was in pajamas or lounge clothes recovering from work, which left me about 15% of the time when I was wearing something exciting that I felt good in… something other than scrubs or PJs.

I was depressed and exhausted (physically, but mostly mentally) from work. Working 12+ hours a day doing something you detest is like torture. Its especially grueling when it’s slow and all you can think about are the minutes slowly passing and all the awesome sh*t you want to be doing, but can’t, because you’re stuck in your own personal hell-hole. (PS, a Receptionist does NOT = office custodian. You pay someone else a whole lot more than those girls to clean that sh*t! and that person doesn’t get screamed at by ignorant assholes all day.) The offices I worked out were always understaffed too, so everyone usually had some amount of overtime. Which has its benefits sometimes, but mostly it sucked, the government just takes more in taxes anyway. I’d much rather have more time to deal with MY LIFE! Because there were never enough staff members, you couldn’t even call in sick (which was most of the time because of all the nasty-ass patients coughing right at you). God for bid you did, mangers made you feel like you killed someone and no other employees wanted to come in because they already had enough damn overtime.

My friends didn’t always understand why I was so depressed about my jobs. Overall, working indoors, in AC, behind a computer and answering phones doesn’t seem so bad; and it’s not… I can think of a billion jobs that suck a hell of a lot more. Even so, there are a billion reasons why working in medical reception sucks; I really could go one forever, and god bless my friends because they’ve heard it all.

I did gain a lot of experience and knowledge though, and made many friends; and now all that anger, stress, depression and overall displeasure is behind me. I submitted my letter of resignation and as of December 23, 2010, I no longer work for the clinic. (I have never once named my current or previous clinics).

Earlier in the month I had interviewed for a position at The Lyric Theater. Today, the Director of Operations called me and offered me the position! I was ecstatic! Salary, benefits, my choice in attire (hello?!), and best of all: It’s Theatre!

I am now The Lyric Theater’s Hospitality Manager. I am also starting a whole new chapter for The Lyric as their Internet Media Marketing Manager (title is unofficial as of right now. They don’t really know what we’re calling it yet). Basically I will create and manage The Lyric’s social networking and internet marketing department.

Pretty. F*cking. Awesome!

I know I probably shouldn’t print curse words right next to a link to my new employer, but I totally censored myself with the asterisk (even though artists shouldn’t have to!) and I’m just so damn excited about this brand new chapter opening in my life.

I can’t think of a better Christmas present. I wished and waited for my opportunity to make my living with theater… And it keeps getting better. I’d like to take this time to officially announce another recent business venture of mine.

Casey and I are creators and owners of Acropolis Productions, Inc. It is the Treasure Coast’s newest theater production company. Our first production (which will most likely be Laughter on the 23rd Floor… the rights are being held at present) will be opening in Spring 2011! I’m Vice President!

When we would hang out in Historic Downtown Stuart, we would sit on the “steps” at the dock where there is the cutest, most simple, amphitheater-esque little performance area which we named The Acropolis (very close the The Lyric). We would talk about how, one day, we would produce Shakespeares and Greek plays down by the water here. So when Casey and I first began planning for our production company (which will include theater productions, shorts and films) we had only one name in mind and it was perfect: Acropolis Productions, Inc. -Now, here we are.

This is the dawning of a totally new part of my life. Up until now, I’ve just been working jobs to pay my bills. Starting now, I am making a career for myself. I’m staring to shape the rest of my life and I am so happy! I can’t wait to join the Lyric Family (full time) this month.

This is truly the answer to all my prayers over the years. I can feel myself changing; I’m happy again. 2011 is looking pretty f*cking amazing!

Best Way To Quit Ever!


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