Winter Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse

I’ve been slacking a little on my blogging since so much has been going on recently, but I’ve been (obviously) doing a lot of Christmas gift shopping. I think I’m just about finished, finally. I’ve already done a lot of the wrapping, but not all. In fact, Casey’s gifts are still hiding in Kacie’s room…

Casey and I picked up these adorable Kathy Van Zeeland bags for his Mom and niece. I love them both and wish I could keep them. I certainly hope they like them, and I think they will. I’m not too concerned about posting the pic because I don’t believe either of these fashionable ladies reads my blog.

Because I’m such a self-absorbed, selfish bitch, while I’m out buying gifts for others, I always manage to convince myself it’s totally exceptable for me to buy things for myself. In all fairness though, I am starting a new job next week. And I will need new adorable clothes to wear now that I won’t be able to simply throw on a pair of glorified pajamas in the mornings.

One of the gifts I bought myself was this leopard print scarf. I wore it out to Hurricanes tonight while Casey, Cromer and myself played trivia. (Sean was the host so that made it all that much awesome!) Ryan met up with us briefly but ended up going home.

My outfit for the night pretty much stayed within my usual formula: Skinny Jeans, Boots, and Comfortable T (Black long-sleeved from Forever21). I added the leopard scarf, B. Makowsky bag, and red pea coat (Forever21).

Along with my silver bangles and the onyx Capricorn bracelet I bought in Nashville, I had on two of my favorite rings: my way-too-big turquoise and silver ring and my flat onyx and silver ring that I recently gave as gift to myself.

I’m also super excited because tonight there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse and it falls on the Winter Solstice! And as if that weren’t enough astronomical awesomeness, because the sky will be so dark, the Ursid Meteor Shower, which is normally pretty unimpressive to the naked eye, may potentially put on quite the show.

  • The Moon will enter the Penumbra stage (first stage) of the eclipse at 12:29am Easter/9:29pm Pacific.
  • By 1:13am/10:13pm, the Penumbral shadow will begin to appear in the upper left portion of the Moon.
  • The best time to view would be 1:33am/10:33pm when the Moon enters the Umbra stage. Dramatic changes can be seen, such as color changes and the shadow begins to creep across the face of the Moon. The color will change and can be anywhere between Orange and a Deep Blood Red. (Sometimes gray or even blue)
  • The Total Lunar Eclipse will be in full coverage at 2:41am/11:41pm,
  • but a really beautiful effect will take place just prior to full coverage at 2:37am/11:37pm when a “Japanese Lantern Effect” can be seen.
  • The Total Eclipse ends at 3:53am/12:53am, and the entire eclipse process proceeds until completely ending when the Moon leaves Penumbra (again) at 6:04am/3:04am

It’s been 372 years since the last time a Total Lunar Eclipse landed on the Winter Solstice. The next Total Lunar Eclipse wont happen until April 15, 2014… so watch!

On a more Magickal note:

The “Christmas Eclipse” is perfect for various spells. Great time for spells for new ventures (like my new job!), success, love and miracles. Be aware, however, that between 3:13am-4:22am eastern the Moon will be moving from Gemini into Cancer and this is not a very effective time for any spells.

Because you can utilize the magick of the full and new moon on the Lunar Eclipse, all three forms of the Goddess can be tapped.


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