Burt Reynolds Wrap Party

Tonight was the closing night of An Evening with Burt Reynolds at The Lyric Theatre. So I wanted to give you guys a little wrap-up of some oif the more exciting moments for me over the past few days.

Well first off, Burt Reynolds called me “Babe” which was kind of exciting… I mean, he’s Burt Reynolds for crying out loud! (I’m going to pretend it wasn’t because he didn’t remember my name.)

At yesterday’s performance, Kia arranged for me to sit up in the House Left box with Burt’s people. His manager (? .. I can’t remember who she was exactly) kept turning around and looking at me and I thought the whole time that it was because she was annoyed that I was up there. After the show, however, she laughed and said she thought I was Nicole Kidman there to watch the show!!! I felt pretty good about myself at that moment.

Tonight, following the show, John Loesser, the Exective Director of The Lyric Theatre board of directors and Executive Producer of the show invited some of us to join him, the board of directors, Burt Reynolds and his people and Olive Newton John and her friends for dinner down at The Flagler Grill. It-was-delightful!! They make this amazing maccaroni and cheese dish that is normally served only as a side, but I had some of Kia’s and I nearly died in my seat!

Overall, I had a amazing last couple of days. I’m hoping to take Burt’s master acting class when he teaches some sessions down her at The Lyric. (Fingers Crossed). Here are a few pics I snagged off The Lyric blog of some of the people in attendance tonight.

I was pretty stoked about my outfit today too! Take a look!

Green Cowl Neck Sweater Dress ($10ish from Ross [I think] I bought this back in December)

Skinny Jeans from Old Navy.
Kacie’s Black Boots (No Heel! So Comfortable)

I work the owl jewelry set that Shannon got me for Christmas and my peacock cuff.

… Lucy looking adorable while I took my pictures.


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