2011 Golden Globes Red Carpet

You know the drill…
Here’s what I thought about some of the fashions from the 2011 Golden Globes.


Since Angelina was busy taking care of their 47 children,
Brad just picked up her Madam Tussaud’s double to walk the red carpet with.

And then she swore she’d never go hungry again


Oh, Johnny…

That’s a fine piece of man right there.

Love Ryan, hate the Valet jacket.


Christina Hendricks… Love Her!

I love this!
Eva Longoria

Jayma Mays
I love how 1920s this looks!

Leighton Meester
This is my absolutely favorite look of the night.

Mila Kunis.
I Love this green gown.
In fact, I loved how much green was worn tonight.

Nicole Kidman
I am kind of biased though.

I really like Sandra Bullocks’ dress… not so much the hair.

Sofia Vergara… Girl Crush Alert!

I’m putting Helena Bohnam Carter on my favorite list!
It’s Viviene Westwood and I love the two different colored shoes!

Natalie Portman

Things That Make You Go Eeww…

Come on Tina Fey… crushed velvet?

Olive Wilde wearing a piece by Matel.

January Jones is all over everyone’s Best Dressed lists…
I think this looks weird in the boob area, and despite the fact that I like the rest of the dress,
I can’t stop looking at the boobs…

Halle Berry…. ew. I smell a desperate aging actress.

Emma Stone… I don’t know what to say.
She used to be a carrot top, now she just looks like a carrot.
In fact, if she just dyes her hair green and wears it Mohawk style… come on. picture it.

Christina Aguilera looks like she squeezed herself into the ugly
leg lamp from A Christmas Story.

Anne Hathaway… this pains me. I just don’t get it.
She looks like Donald Trumps 11th Wife.

… and thats about it… except, I have to mention Ricky Gervais. … Love him.


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