Wedding Invitations!

Today, after work (I was able to leave at 4pm today… no show! Thank God!) I went over to my parents house to help Shannon and My Mom with The Wedding Invitations. Take a look at how adorable they are!

Perfect for the South Florida Lifestyle wedding.

We pretty much know who will be in attendance, but you can’t just NOT send invitations! It was a lot of fun to hang out with my family. I’ve missed them so much since I havent seen them in what feels like forever due to my very crammed schedule this month.

That’s about it. I need some good old relaxation. I’m wiped. So looking forward to this weekend and all next week. It’s a local production company renting the stage so… no hospitality needed! I’ll be working regular hours all next week! Yaaayyyy!!!

I also got to meet Shannon’s new puppy, Max. He’s half pitbull half mini pin. So adorable! He was one of an abandoned litter.


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