NFL Playoffs!

Today, I donned my green apparel…

(my eye make-up looked cool too… I forgot to get a good picture, but you can kind of see it in this picture of me fussing at Casey when he was taking these pics… I know, I look awesome.)

…and headed to Sean’s where we were gathering to watch the playoffs. Sean’s house is a Bears house… (The Chicago Bears)… So we were all obviously pulling for them to beat Green Bay.

… that didn’t work out. 😦 bummer… at least we had plenty of Jack Daniels and grilled food!

So Casey and I are Jets fans, so next game starts… Jets/Steelers… We’re all rooting for New York.

… that didn’t work either. So we grilled up and ate more steak!

Basically, we were all a little depressed….

However, spending the day with friends, good… no, GREAT food, Whiskey, games of Cornhole in the backyard, and a fire in the cold night… It was an amazing day regardless of the losses.

I took some awesome pictures of the fire too!

Casey snapped this one of me from across the fire…

Jessie, Sean’s wife had just picked up these awesome lawn globe things… I had to play with them!


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