Ginger of The Month – Jan ’11

Tonight we had The Philharmonic of Poland: A Night in Vienna at the theatre. Last week was so nice; didn’t need to be there before 10am, left at 4pm… so niiiiice. This week I’m back to the Daily Theatre Grind. Starting at 10am (or earlier) shopping at BJs and Publix for the artist(s), squeezing in a few hours of office time and then hurrying down to the theatre to set up for the night…. and then staying until everyone is out… everyone.

But I am sooooo NOT complaining. It’s hard work. Long work. But I absolutely love it! Everyone I work with is beautifully-crazy, on top of their game and shares my passion for theatre and the arts. Working around such creativity is such comfort, in it’s cookey, chaotic way. But onto more important things: here’s what I wore today:

  • I bought the t-shirt yesterday at Macy’s -$14.99
  • The black cardigan with glass, gem-cut buttons I’ve had for years. If I don’t button the top button, the collar just flaps around awkwardly, so I use these adorable vintage lady bug spiral pins to hold it down. (I got these from a friend whose grandma had given her a crap-load of awesome costume jewelry and pins. I got several awesome pieces that day!)

  • I also wore black Gap slacks and black ballet flats.

Like I mentioned yesterday, it was recently pointed out to me that I had not yet selected a Ginger of the Month. I consulted my list of note-worthy Gingers and thought of a couple who I could pick this month: Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams are both picking up prestigious award nominations left and right… but I’d rather wait until they [possibly] win. Emma Stone went blonde and got a HORRIBLE orange spray tan; I could do my very first Un-Ginger of the Month. But then I thought that both of these acts are common Ginger mistakes; -I feel sooner or later every Ginger will attempt both. (I was a blonde child and have often considered trying blonde out… I’ve also tried just about every self-tanner on the market: drug store brands, department store lines, professional or at home… They. Look. Stupid.- Plus, Ms. Stone is a natural blonde, so I can’t exactly hold it against her.

Then I finally decided. The January 2011 Ginger of the Month is, Me.

Why? Because this is my blog. I pick the Ginger of the Month. and I feel like it. Not to mention, January is my birth month and this is a perfect way to formally introduce myself. So here goes:

(this picture is so important to me.)

I am the oldest of 3 sisters.
We stole each others sh*t all the time. Denied it. Then gave it back months later.

Our parents are still together and seem to enjoy each others company… which is unfortunately rare. …and I’m proud of them. They’re why I’m as awesome as I am. I’ll thank them for you.

My family is very, VERY Irish. and very proud of it.

Jack Daniels & Lucy, my babies.

I live with 3 roommates and 3 dogs, two of which are mine… the dogs, not the roommates.
Only one of the roommates is mine.

I was born and raised on Long Island. Suffolk County, North Shore.
We used to take walks to the beach and go year round. Being near the water is home to me.
We try and visit as often as possible and driving down the roads I rode down as a kid gives me the most amazing feeling. I truly miss it.

My family lived in South Central Virginia for 5 years. -way far from the beach.
I met one of my best friends and went on the most awesome school field trips.
My years spent in Virginia are a huge reason why I love history so much. Living in Virginia was not only historically satisfying, it’s natural landmarks and sites are incredible!
Not to mention the phenomenal school systems. I was 2-3 years ahead when I moved to Florida.

Living in Florida is a love/hate thing for me.
I hate what the humidity does to my hair. I love living near the water, like in NY.
I hate when it’s too hot, which is most of the time. I love that I can swim almost year round.
The truth is I came/am coming of age here. I met my family of friends here. …and I can’t begin to describe how much that group loves, supports and respects each other. It’s amazing.

Ginger Kate, Duchess of Nerds

I’m a humoungus nerd.
The majority of my nerdosity lies in Latin & Greek studies, Office Supplies and Harry Potter.
-I dabble in Star Wars, Star Trek and other SciFi


There’s A LOT. A couple of which are:

  • Gone with the Wind,
  • Back to the Future Trilogy,
  • The Boondock Saints, Snatch,
  • & The Wizard of Oz (because of my childhood.)

I absolutely, f*cking love music. This list isn’t even the tip of the iceberg. These bands I can listen with every album all the way through at anytime and LOVE IT… anytime.

Classical Rock Bands:

  • The Doors -my first semi-sexual experience was when I made out with my cousin’s Jim Morrison poster.
  • The Beatles. -Duh. Plus, they ALWAYS make me smile. Unless they’re making me cry hysterically.
  • Led Zeppelin – My parents, esp. Mom, are big on Led. It’s the soundtrack of my childhood.
  • Janis Joplin. Queen. Johnny Cash. The Ramones. & Elvis should also be mentioned.

Contemporary Rock Bands:

  • Incubus – Brandon Boyd is my soul mate, we just don’t know it yet.
  • Weezer – Always a good time with Weezer.
  • Flogging Molly – They are just… perfect. and super f*cking nice! (the bassist snuck me into their concert. it was awesome.)
  • Sublime, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Dropkick Murphys, The Killers & No Doubt should also be mentioned.
  • and Motley Crue falls somewhere in between. And: I. Love. Motley Crue.
  • My newest obsession? Mumford & Sons… UGH! I LOVE them!

Music really centers and helps me catalog my life. I’m such an emotional person, in all aspects and music says everything. I couldn’t live happily without it.

I love so much music! Hard Rock, Metal, Glam Rock, Folk, Classical, Reggae, Acid Rock, Oldies, Blues, Hip-Hop, 80’s New Wave, Pop, and some Country.
The bands/genres vary depending on mood… like every other music lover.

I swore I would never do it again, but I kind of miss the Black Hair…

The Arts
I thrive on all of the arts. As a child I excelled at anything artistic. I loved being creative and that definitely has not changed. If I am not working on at least one of my creative pursuits, I feel lost. I typically have a forever-long list of projects I want to do and multiple projects being worked on. I can’t imagine a life without art and I don’t want to. Everything is art. …and art really is everything.

I have big dreams. Huge dreams. All completely different.
I have such a variety of interests; I never know what to choose.
My dream is to never have to. I don’t have to be a mega-success in any of my endeavors,
as long as I am some sort of success at any/all of them. I do them cause I love them.
-That sounds stupid and cheesy all at once… but whatever.

There’s a lot more I could say… (such a D.B. thing to say…) but I already feel like a egocentric a-hole. Look, I didn’t have to look up facts about myself to announce me as January 2011’s Ginger of the Month… I’ve been busy. Plus, my birthday month is over!! 😦 Until next year…
I’ll try and pick more interesting people Feb-Dec…


  1. Ah my gash I'm in love with your hair girl. I've always wanted to have hair like that. AND WHOA I LOVE Led Zeppelin, like, beyond words. Your Jim Morrison was really funny. Kiss to ya!Lula

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