Spring Into Neutral Nails!

The other night, over drinks, Kacie, Nicki and I discussed how much we are loving the very nude/neutral nail looks. Barely there nail polish is very big this Spring/Summer.

(not my hand.)

It looks even cuter when your lips are a very light neutral too. So adorable.

But the picture that got us talking about the nude colors… :

I will always love you Britney.

But there’s still time to indulge in your favorite winter colors!

It should be pretty apparent by now just how much I am a lover of black nail polish. Always loved it, always will.

Over the last year, I’ve been buying “black polishes”… with a twist. and I’m not alone.

Kacie, my bf and fashion trend “firster” (this girl is ALWAYS ahead of the curve!) Has been buying “black” polishes for well over a year, long before everyone else. Dark blues, greens and browns that at first glance look like your average black, but once you take a closer look, you can see the variations in color. (Kacie is the one who suggested I write this blog! Thanks for the inspiration!)

(not my fingers, or the brand of my purple polish)

My favorite is a “black” polish, but when you catch it in the light, you can see how the color is infiltrated with bright blue shimmer. I ♥ it! In fact, when I bought this polish a few months ago, the sales girl made sure to point out that this was not a flat black. I told her I knew and that I liked that its not really a solid black. She explained to me that many customers, including a friend of hers, were very upset because they did not realize it wasn’t really black and that’s what they had intended to purchase. (I’m sure they’re all about these “not-really-black” polishes now.)

I also have (another favorite of mine) a very very dark purple. Looks black. It’s not.

It seems lots of people are rocking this style polish recently. The “not-really-black” polishes are EVERYWHERE all of a sudden. Even when not dark enough to be mistaken for black, dark hues in general are really popular. and more than your average burgundies. Rich, dark blues and greens are everywhere as well.

If you also love black polish, look for one with it’s own secret twist. I’m seeing these colors all over the place: magazines, red carpets, TV and Movies. AND if you work for Nazis and can not wear black polish, one of these colors may satisfy your craving for rock-and-roll black nails, but without going against office dress code. If your manager approaches you, point out that it’s not black, it’s in fact a very dark purple, blue, WHATEVER! (They may tell you not to wear it again, but at least you won’t get written up.)

Give “Not-Really-Black” Polishes a try. I ♥ Mine! I certainly hope some of you will as well.

Also, Spring and Summer are just inching around the corner, give the neutral nails look a try as well! I just love how clean and classic they look!

I’ll post more pics of my own attemps!! -Thanks for reading.

***UPDATE*** I quickly painted these early this morning. A few mess-ups, but not too shabby. Plus, I’ve had this color for… well, a long time… so it’s kind of old and not to fabulous anymore. But I couldn’t wait to try out some nude nails… so… here they are:



  1. see im not a fan of peach or nutral colors on my nails…its actually kinda creeps me out lolbut i deff like dark colors. like navy, plum, dark redsright now im wearing plum. def my fav 🙂

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