Spring & Summer Trend Spotting

I had something very exciting happen this morning!
On my way up to my office, I was stopped by Michelle, the lovely woman who runs The Gauze Shop in Downtown Stuart. (She’s the shop-owner who gave me the adorable black and silver owl earrings.) Anyway, one of her employees found my dog-and-pony blog and told her about how I was talking about The Gauze Shop, and how much I love my earrings, and about my artwork…

Well, Michelle asked me to put my artwork on some of her clothing!!!

How exciting? “Katelyn Johnson, Fashion Designer”? Maybe!

I’m so stoked to have this opportunity to diversify my artwork more and to embark on the
world of fashion. Fashion is art and art is fashion, I love them both.

I will, of course, post more details as they become available. How awesome, though? Right!?

-Spring/Summer Trend Spotting-

Recently I’ve been really excited about the emergence of Spring and Summer! So to get myself ready I’ve been reviewing some of what September’s Fashion Week showed us in the way of trends this Spring and Summer and I am a very happy girl because these looks are my favorites!

Some color trends this season include: Teal (love it), Turquoise, Tans/Neutrals, Corals and Rusty Reds, Silver/Gray, Bright Bold Colors and WHITE!!! I love all the white looks! In fact all these colors make me very happy!

Some of the trends this season include:

  • Biker Style: lots of leather and studs!
  • Punk Rock Style (always love it)
  • Retro 60’s & 70’s
  • Jumpsuits & Playsuits
  • Capris
  • Stripes

…and these trends that I love!!!

70’s Glam is back! I don’t care if it’s ever “In” or not… I always love rocking this look!

“Good Morning, Charlie.” Wide Leg pants are a big trend this year.

Derek Lam (pic #1)

Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch & More.

70’s Bohemian is also big again this season.

Derek Lam & Alexander McQueen

I love all the flow-y, loose, resort-glamour style that’s big right now too!
(The Gauze Shop has a lot of options like this)

Ralph Lauren, Chloe, Derek Lam

Crochet, Macrame and Lace are also a huge trend again this Spring and Summer.

Erdem, Tibi, Marc Jacobs & Erdem

Bright Colors and Bold Prints!!! So in love!

Michael Kors & Erdem

Lots of Earthy, Raw inspirations this season as well.

Hermes, Ralph Lauren & John Galliano

I’m very excited about 2011 fashions! Neutrals, Teals & Turquoise and Retro Boho!!!
I barely have to buy anything this year!.
I did, however, pick up a few things recently… Hey, I’ve been spotting deals everywhere! You have to Carpe de Sales! Otherwise? Non-buyers Remorse… At least when you regret a purchase you actually made you can return it. Miss a sale? There’s no getting that back. 🙂

-Happy Shopping!

I’ve been making all my Spring and Summer plans over the last couple of days as well! 2011 will be incredible! I feel like a kid in school again… waiting for the summer!

oh, and ps: … while on-line shopping around today, I came across this purse from Forever 21… Look familiar?

…looks a lot like the bag I scored at the thrift store the other day! Bam!

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