2011 Grammy Awards

Yesterday, I bought the boyfriend’s Valentine’s Day gifts and while I was out, I saw the cutest white Rampage sunglasses. I picked them up and put them down twice and went home without them. All night and all this morning, all I could think about where those sunglasses… I had to make them mine! So I went back today and bought them! I love them! So retro and so adorable.

White Sunglasses – Rampage
Green Cape Sweater – Old Navy
Skinny Jeans – Old Navy (Diva)
White Los Angeles T-Shirt
Sally Hansen Nail Polish – Jumpin’ Jade

I’m really excited because I recently came across a totally adorable, totally genius way to make your own sunglasses display/organizer and I am excited to make mine and show you all how you can make your own! -Instructions and pics coming soon!

Tonight were the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, and I absolutely love The Grammys! Here’s my breakdown of some of the night’s winners, performances and of course, the red carpet fashion!!

Let’s start with the Red Carpet Fashion! Here are some of my favorites!

Lady Gaga arrived in an egg. She was in a “creative embryonic state”.
Ok, because it’s you, Gaga, I’ll let this go…

This is what she was wearing throughout the event however.
(Including her buns of plastic.)

Amber Riley. This girl seems to always look amazing!
The detailing on the dress was painted on! Love it!

I hate J.Lo. I loved her whole look tonight though.
Mirrored dress, heels and bag! So adorable!

Hayley Williams of Paramore. I don’t like her dress, but her makeup looked fab!
The green eyeshadow really went well with her bright and brazen red hair tone.

Katy Perry looked gorgeous! and her Grandma, Anne, had a bejeweled cane!
The bust of the dress was mirrored like JLo’s get-up! I just Love Katy no matter what.

Mumford & Sons. I really wanted these guys to win Best New Artist.
So adorable, I can’t get enough of these guys!

Kim Kardashian, looking amazing. I loved this dress and her neutral heels.

Keri Hilson looked fabulous! -Pretty Girl!

Kelly Osbourne. Love Love Love her dress!
I’ve always loved Kelly, but recently she has just come into her own as a fashionista!
I can’t get enough Kelly!

Nicki Minaj. Always an interesting look.
Head-to-toe leopard print!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban
Every time the cameras cut to Nicole in the audience, she looked like she was having a ball!
I love Nicole!

Selena Gomez. I love this dress! Love it!
Even though I don’t know much about this Disney Princess.

And Nikki Sixx was there… so here’s a picture because I love him.
I was totally diggin’ his metallic nail polish.


Ciara… not sure why she was even there. Gross.

Lea Michelle… Obnoxious as always… and I hate her dress as usual.

Miley Cyrus. If she would just admit she was stoned off her ass when she picked this,
I’d forgive her.

Here are some of the night’s highlights:

The Aretha Franklin tribute that opened the show was lame. The best part was Christina Augilera busting her ass on stage at the end. Problem? There was a wide angle shot at that moment and most viewers missed it.

Best Pop Duo/Group – Train “Hey Soul Sister”

Ricky Martin wore the gayest pants I’ve ever seen.

Lady Gaga performed her new single “Born This Way’…. I love LG, but it sounds an awful lot like Madonna’s “Express Yourself”…. just sayin….

Lenny Kravitz, who is still looking sexy, introduced Muse…
I’ve never liked Muse. I’ve hated hearing them on the radio…
However, this does happen to me from time to time, after I see a band perform,
I sometimes like them….

I now like Muse. Plus, I was totally diggin’ the sparkley jackets!
I also loved the social commentary about rising tuition prices in the UK
and all the monitor and light effects.

The Bruno Mars, B.O.B and Janelle Monae performance was amazing! I want Bruno Mars to rerelease his single in the classic style in which he performed it tonight! loved it!

Usher performed with Justin Beiber and Will Smith’s kid….
What happened to Ludacris and Lil John?
At this rate, I’m guessing he’ll be recording with The Wiggles & Yo Gabba Gabba cast next.

Best Pop Vocal went to Lady Gaga…. Duh.

Mumford & Sons (who I adore!) gave an amazing performance with Avett Brothers and Bob Dylan. The stage looked beautiful, like an old theatre. I loved it.
Bob Dyaln is an american poet and songwriting genius/legend…
sounded like he could use a Ricola… more so than usual.

Katy Perry gave a wonderful performance. It was beautiful and perfect for Valentine’s day.
It was so incredibly sweet, I cried. Pictures from her wedding were being displayed
on her very long train as she was suspended on a sparkley swing.

She jumped off to perform Teenage Dream surrounded by hearts! LOVE KATY!
and I love sparkles!

Rhianna, Eminem, and Dr. Dre’s performance was awesome!
Love Dr. Dre and I’m happy to hear he’s coming back, at least for one album.

Song of The Year went to Lady Antebellum.

Best New Artist – Esperanza Spalding. ??? I’m going to have to check out her album.

Mick Jagger performed….
He didn’t die, so that’s awesome.

Barbara… Barbara… she looked like pudding. gross.
I’m usually eye-to-eye with you gays. I’ve often said I am gay man trapped in a woman’s body… I don’t get it… She’s a legend… ok…

Best Rap Album – “Recovery” Eminem

Ok, Mark Anthony and J.Lo were presenting or announcing someone…
I don’t remember which… all I remember was how awkward it was.
It seemed like he was wasted and she was annoyed because of it.
Then he was annoyed with her bossiness to take over….
Divorce? I’m putting my bet in: Yes.

Arcade Fire performed and then won Album of the Year for “The Suburbs.”
I’m going to have to check them out to… I’ve never really listened to their stuff, but I loved their performance. Reminiscent of The Clash + The Ramones+ The White Stripes.

***The Ramones were also awarded a lifetime achievement award along with
Dolly Parton (who I also love) and others.*** Yay Ramones!

While we are the note of Legendary groups receiving accolade tonight,
The Beatles even won a Grammy! Best Historical Album for the digitally remastered box set. ♥ my Beatles.

And that’s about it.


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