365 Pictures – Day #1

This year, I’ve enjoyed checking out the photos my friends are posting each day for their 365 day photo albums on Facebook. It’s something I wanted to participate in, but never really did. I had debated going back and retro-posting pics from my blogs, tweets, etc. I had also considered just picking up and starting.

This morning I was checking out my friend Felicia’s 365 album and thought, “Valentine’s Day, [next year], would be a good day to end with… maybe I’ll start today… February 15 is a good, even day to start on…” (I realize that 15 is not, in fact, an even number.)

Later in the morning, I saw that one of my closest, best friends, Kenda, had started a 365 album today! I commented on her photo for Day #1 and she encouraged me to take the photo challenge with her. So I am.

Day #1
February 15, 2011 – 365 Pictures

Perhaps I’ll even challenge myself with 365 days of blog content and share each picture here as well!
…no promises, I flake out a lot.

Here’s Kenda’s picture for Day #1.

These boots are amazing. They’re Miz Mooz.
She purchased them on a trip to NYC with her Hubs for her birthday this year
(she’s a January-Capricorn too!)

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