Blue Thursday

My “slow” week at work is coming to an end. I’ve been doing all the desk and paper work that I am unable to really do when we have artists in-house. This week, we’ve had a local renter presenting their production of the musical Chicago, which translates to Katie getting work done and not needing to cater to anyone’s immediate needs. All day I’ve been trying to organize myself, my desk, my planner and my mind for next week. We have shows every day Monday-Saturday; All big acts too. (I will cherish this weekend!) I know next week I’ll barely have time to breath, let alone blog, so I fingered I’d get some posts in before I go all awol again.

Yesterday, when I got home from work my seasonal order from Forever 21 was waiting for me. Each season I pick up a few staple pieces from Forever 21’s website just to kick-start my seasonal wardrobe.

Here’s what a wore today:

White Mid-Sleeve T-Shirt. -Forever 21

Blue Flowy “Vest” cover-up. – Forver 21

Straight leg, loose fit jeans from Paris Blues

My beloved Sanuk flip-flops, brown.

Silver bangles, Diamond Studs

and these adorable Blue Earrings with a very Indian print (♥-♥-♥ Indian Inspired fashions) along the top. I got these on clearance from Target a couple of weeks ago and they are nickel free!!! (which means I can actually wear them!)

I love these flowy, cover-ups! You can throw them over your bathing suit, add it to a plain outfit, you can wear it long, or tie it up, which I think looks adorable!

—Today I was also introduced to a friend’s new blog. She’s someone I’ve worked with on several shows in the past and since then we have kept correspondence via facebook and blogger. She has been maintaining a domestic blog for a while and has recently expanded into a new segment about self improvement and being a young 20-something. I took a peak at what Miss Mary-sunshine has been posting on her new blog and I really think the things she discusses are often things a lot of young women, and frankly, women of all ages, struggle with: weight, appearance, a little self-pampering every once in a while… I hope you’ll check it out and even follow! Mary is a constant source of support for me and all my blogging endeavors, I’m so thankful for that support and would like to return the sentiment. So check out her newest blog! It’s darling! I’m adding it to my “Who I’m Reading” List!



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