Lazy Weekend Ahead

I will cherish every moment of this weekend. Starting early on Monday Morning and not ending until I get home late Saturday Night, my life belongs to the theatre. We have several big names coming by for 2 or 1 day runs which means every day, from morning until… well, until practically morning again, my life is other people.

So this weekend, I will take advantage of the very little time I have to devote to myself. To help illistrate my weekend plans, Marilyn Monroe. [Love.]

…I will wake up whenever the hell I wake up…

…I’ll then lounge about for a while…

…Sit around some more, do some blog research…

…Eventually, I’ll make it out of my pajamas and get in some beach time…

…Some alone shopping. (The fella’s bday is approaching)…

…home again, doing nothing on my couch…

Sounds perfect. 🙂

No, in all actuality I have several things I need to do while I have the time. Jack and Lucy needs haircuts and baths, my closet needs to be reorganzied, laundry needs to be done, I need to pick up a new “everything” journal/notebook, prepare shopping lists and go shopping for Monday morning at work… I wish I could relax more… I’m sure I’ll squeeze it in somewhere. 🙂

Oh, if you’ve noticed (or even care) that my Starbucks Coffee intake has decreased dramatically, only one thing can be to blame: Osceloa Street Cafe Spiced Chai…. mmmMMm… Carol at work has got me totally addicted. HOWEVER, the DTs are kicking in and tomorrow, I will make Starbucks mine! It’s been too long… I need some Starbucks before I start trying to mainline Dunkin’ Donuts weakass coffee.


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