Retro-Cheetah for Tommy Tune

Today, to work, I wore one of the new tank tops I bought yesterday. I paired it with a teal, button-up sweater that I’ve had for forever. I wore my new white sneakers and my black and teal cat eye sunglasses! I felt pretty hip today and got plenty of compliments on my look!

I found out later in the day that Tommy Tune, who performed tonight, would require someone to be featured on stage in one of his numbers to help him into a red, glittery penguin tailed jacket. That person turned out to be me. So mid-day I raced home to throw together a more appropriate outfit for being seen on stage. I wish I had a picture, but I don’t.

I paired my black pencial skirt with a red top and wore my sparkley steve madden heals with a glittery bangle brancelet for a little show-biz glam! I think I did pretty well! I’m hoping that during tomorrow night’s performance, I can manage to get someone up in the tech booth to snap a pic of me and Tommy together on stage for that preif moment. I mean, how many times does a theatre kid get the chance to work on stage with THE Tommy Tune, ON STAGE, during one of his shows!? No often… 🙂 I’m quite please with my luck recently.

I do however have a string of horrible luck going on, at least personally. I’ve just been feeling a bit down. The people around me are amazing, sometimes everything just seems crummy I guess. Hopefully tomorrow will be better!


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