Random Ramblings

I’m sitting backstage on this beautiful, warm South Florida Sunday, listening to the piano as it’s played by our artist tonight. Yesterday was my only day off since February 20th and it was far too short of a day. I didn’t accomplish anything. I sat at my house, far too exhausted to even think about anything. I could hardly consider it a real day off either since I had to do my BJs and Publix shopping for today and that was a whole other frustration in itself.

After waiting as long as I could, I left my house around 8pm and set off for BJs Wholesale, which would be closing at 9pm. I drove all the way there and then had a realization, “I didn’t bring my wallet.” I had left in on the living room coffee table when I had it out to pay for the Chinese delivery. Before leaving the house I had that feeling too; the one that leaves you thinking “I know I’m forgetting something.” I had to turn around and drive all the way home for my wallet. I returned to BJs (it was now 8:30pm-ish) and then hurried about the warehouse store for the few items I needed to buy for today. I then crossed the highway to Publix to pick up the rest and then headed home for a few more hours of doing absolutely nothing.

I had planned on cleaning. I had planned on doing laundry. I had planned on blogging and starting my new diet and exercise regimen. None of this happened. If Casey hadn’t done so much laundry a couple of days ago, I wouldn’t have had anything to wear today. Thanks, Babe. (I have a crazy strong feeling of Deja Vu right now while typing this… I get Deja Vu all the time… it still trips me out.)

So now I’m working. On Sunday. A beautiful Sunday. 😦

-What else?- My computer cord or the socket where the power cord plugs in (I still don’t know for sure which) is still broken. I can’t upload and edit my photos because Casey’s computer doesn’t take my memory card (I suppose I could use my camera’s cord. Whatever). I’m thinking of investing in a netbook though. I would love a tablet PC, but definitely can’t afford one right now. I saw some netbooks for a good price at BJs last night. Anyway, it’s been extremely problematic and quite the annoyance not having my technology at my disposal. I’ve had to snap pics with my phone just to stay up to date. As a matter of fact, here’s what I’m wearing today:

My Cream w/ Pearl Accented neckline top
Cream Cami underneath (the top is kind of sheer)
and my Khaki Slacks from The Gap.
Kind of uneventful, but hey, it’s work attire.

Oh! Check out my nails today! I’m pretty sure I have Nail-ADHD, because I’m constantly changing them. That’s why I stopped going for regular manicures… I always want to change them after only a couple of days anyway. These press-ons by Broadway Nails are super cute. I’m a fan of press-ons; I don’t care what others say. I think people have given them a bad rap over the years, but they’ve come a long way from the days of 1970’s Lee Press-ons. When applied properly and when the real nail is properly prepared, cheap-ass press-ons can look fabulous!

-This pic was snapped before I had applied my cuticle oil. 😦 –

My toenails are painted with Black Hard Candy polish and a Glitter Hard Candy Top Coat to match my rock-and-roll nails!

So, it’s been baffling to me for a while as to why my Nov 5, 2010 post “I Quit [Smoking] Day #3, #4, #5? & Married to Rock” has been my top read post. It’s probably one of the lamest posts, in my opinion, that I’ve ever posted… and I’ve posted some pretty lame posts.

It was basically following up on my first real attempt at kicking my smoking habit and I also discussed the [then] upcoming premier of E!’s “Married to Rock”. I rambled about whether or not I would like the show, bashed each of the “ladies” a bit… the usual. For some weird reason, this has been my most popular post.

I checked my stats and found that the reason why this post is so popular is because when folks Google “Etty Ferrall” “Josie Stevens” “A.J. Celli” “Susan Holmes McKagan” or for Image results for these woman or just “Married to Rock”, my little old blog seems to be one of the top results. This leads me to believe one of two things:

A.) These lame-ass bitches are googleing themselves.
B.) Nobody else is writing about them.

I’m not sure which is sadder. Either way, let me give you my follow-up to that post which was written in speculation before the show had premiered.

It sucks.

It’s terrible.

and as predicted, these trannies are ridiculously boring. I’d love to give some kind of credit to each of them, but it’s hard. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch more than three episodes. It was bad. and this is coming from a girl who watches such crap as The Jersey Shore and You’re Cut Off… so you know it’s bad.

Maybe this post will increase my traffic…
Thanks, “Married to Rock” plasti-freaks.
Much love, Ginger Kate.

and since we’re on the topic of blog traffic. I have to thank my newest blog-friend Fat-Aus for linking me to her amazing blog. I’ve been a fan of this girl’s blog and style for a few months now and recently we each linked the other. I’m very happy to have the Aussies checking out what Ginger Kate has to say. So, Thank you, Fat-Aus. I try and show my thanks and give credit where credit is due. It’s so refreshing when fellow bloggers embrace their fashionista sisters instead of scrambling for dominance in the blog world. I wonder how much traffic I’ve sent to some of these other chicks’ blogs that can’t seem to return the favor? I’ve linked and then unlinked other bloggers in the past, not because I didn’t enjoy reading their blog, but because they’re clambering and competing with one another and can’t seem to network well with others… I think it’s about time I cleaned house a little on my “Who I’m Reading” List again…

…to you, selfish bloggers.

But if you haven’t yet, please check out Fat-Aus. Her style and wit will keep you coming back for more!

Also, one of my favorite favorite favorite fashion bloggers, author of Waiting ‘Round To Be A Millionaire, linked me as well!! Such an honor. This is one of my most favorite blogs, and I hope you’ll check it out.

—Oh! and PS: On Friday night, I watched the Robin Williams movie “World’s Greatest Dad”. I had read about it a while ago and was interested in seeing it… … … I felt so depressed and uncomfortable while watching and then all day yesterday. I don’t know how to feel about the movie exactly. I guess I would have to say it was amazing considering the impact it left on me. I still feel weird two days later. I would suggest checking it out, but then again, maybe you should skip it. Unless you’re into feeling weirded-out and creeped-out for days…


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