Donate Now! Tsunami Relief for Japan

Like the rest of the world, over the last few days, I have watched the news coverage in horror over what has happened and is happening in Japan.

I’ve posted several links, providing multiple ways for you to donate to help the relief efforts. Please donate whatever you can. Some of these charities do not have a minimum donation, others have a minimum of donating at least $10. Come on… it’s $10. You would buy make-up, lunch, whatever… these people are in need and the below listed non-profit organizations need the support of all to continue making a difference in the lives of people all over the world. Lady Gaga has designed a wristband for Relief in Japan and it can be purchased for $5 on her web-site (link below). $5!!! You pay more for lunch! Please give what you can.

Right now, the people of Japan and surrounding areas need our help.

Would you feel differently if this was happening to your family and friends?


LADY GAGA: Relief Prayer Wristband


GLOBALGIVING.ORG Japanese tsunami relief

THE SALVATION ARMY donate on facebook




If you are uncomfortable giving your information on-line, most of these organizations except donations over the phone or by mail as well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give what you can. “Every little bit helps”. I’ve personally chosen to donate to The American Red Cross, but wherever you choose to make your donation is up to you. It will help. Please make sure before donating, that you research where the money goes and how much of it goes there. Of course there will be costs to maintain an organization, but some “non-for-profits” seem to take a pretty big cut. Just sayin’.

Please help.


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