The Real Teal

Tomorrow is the big day. I’ll be having my wisdom teeth removed. I felt particularly adorable today, which is nice since I know tomorrow I will be a drooling, gauze-packed mess. Here’s what I wore:

Teal/Turquoise Top
Brown A-Line Skirt with Teal and Beaded Detailing.
Purse: Thrift Store Trophy
I love lots and lots of statement accessories.
I was in a good mood because all my Turquoise

I painted my nails with one of my new nail polishes: Sally Hansen X-treme Wear #480 The Real Teal. The other day, I couldn’t help myself, and bought 5 other Sally Hansen X-treme Wear polishes: #450 Caribbean Coral,  #390 Red Carpet (It’s Red & Sparkles!!!!), #330 Grey Area, #340 Mint Sorbet & #270 Lacey Lilac. *Nail-A-Holic*, I know. But they were on sale 2 for $4.00!!!

But I also bought a few new eye pencils: white, silver and dark green. They were on-sale so I had to! Plus I love the variety of colors.

The other night, Kacie came home with a box of Broadway Nails: Nail Dress Stick-On Wraps. The pattern was awesome, really trippy, colorful flowers. We were pretty excited to try them. Only $5.99 a box and you get two sets with 8 different sized pairs each.

The steps to apply are simply enough: prep nail. apply appropriate sized sticker (trimming the sides if necessary). cut excess sticker at top. and file in a downward motion at the tips.

I chose to super-tackify mine with a Hard Candy glitter top coat.

Awesome. Easy. and Totally Adorable!!

… Until they, almost immediately, began to peel off.

I definitely would still like to try the Sally Hansen stick-ons though… oh well.

Recently, I’ve been picking up some summer pieces here and there. Tank tops, Sheer Tank tops, More Tank tops, and some pretty adorable bathing suits. I know I’ve mentioned them before, but for this summer I got a totally adorable white with yellow polka dots bikini (like the immortalized itsy bitsy teeny weeny one! so excited!) I also got a periwinkle-purple bikini from Target with the most adorable, vintage inspired ruffles! I’ve always wanted one, and I finally got a completely plain white bikini. (I need it to look tanner, ok). So I’m pretty much in full-on summer mode. When the theatre season ends I’ll have a lot more free time to play and I want to look adorable!


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