Wedding Week – Water Weight

Wedding Week has officially kicked off for our family. All of us are abuzz with upcoming appointments and last minute details that need to be tended to. I, myself, have my hair appointment this Tuesday. Also, I’ve been slacking on the tanning-front, so starting tomorrow, I have to tan everyday with a bronzer. I know I’ll never be “tan”… I’m a Ginger, and proud but I just need some damn color. Plus tan always makes you look skinnier than you actually are; I need that for my tummy.

I made all the appointments for the Bachelorette Spa-Day Party and I just have to say that the people over at Shangri-La Day Spa in Stuart are horrible. I called several times, on several days to make appointments and was told I would be called back. Never did I receive a return phone call. I finally got pissed after a few days and called requesting to set appointments then. The stupid girl proceeded to explain how they’ve “downsized” and can’t do all our nails and massages at the same time. I can completely understand this, one of us can be getting our nails done while the other gets the massage… I don’t know, I’m not their appointment book, but it can’t be that hard. Otherwise, say you’re all booked up, no open appointments… they’re retarded.

So just to clarify: if you are a local reader and want to enjoy a day at a spa DO NOT go to Shangri-La Day Spa on US1 and Monterey Rd in Stuart, FL…. HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!

I’ve been doing really well with not drinking soda; I’ve been soda-free since Tuesday. I actually caved earlier today at lunch and had a Mt Dew… I know. But my lunch was a hot dog from a street vendor’s cart, I HAD to have an equally damaging to my body beverage with my meal. If the hot dog wasn’t Nathan’s, I probably wouldn’t have even gotten it, I just can’t afford to keep eating at these downtown restaurants every single day and the cart-owners are very nice and here on Sundays only.

I have become addicted to Skinny Water! Check out their website.  SKINNY WATER  These waters are amazing. I love them. It’s pretty much Vitamin Water but they are so flavorful and cute. They come in many flavors that each promote a different aspect of weight loss/management or just good health in general. So yummy, I highly suggest them!

I’m trying to drop my excess water weight over the next few days. I did a little googling and found some (very obvious) tips for doing this.
-More Water: 71-141 oz a day for my weight.
-Low Sodium: Less than 1500mg per day.
-Low Sugar
-Low Carb

Drinking 71-141 oz of water a day for me means about 4 – 8+ bottles of (16.9 oz) water a day. Then I just have to watch my salt and sugar intake; not too horrid. By doing this, I should expect to flush at least 5 lbs of water weight out of my system. I’ve read suggestions to take a diuretic pill too, especially at night to rid myself of retained sodium. I’ll pick up a multi-vitamin too so I’m not ridding my body of necessary vitamins. I’ll let you know how my results turn out.

Water. Water. Water.


  1. The Four Hour Body/Slow Carb "diet" is pretty fantastic for dropping water weight incredibly fast. The basic idea is that you avoid foods that cause your body to produce an insulin response. Fruit, grains, dairy, sugar, most artificial sweeteners (aspartame is the only one that's okay in moderation). Stick with eggs, meats, beans (TONS OF BEANS), and any veggie that isn't white. And, obviously, lots of water. Hope the wedding goes fantastically! I really enjoy your blog! 🙂

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