Wedding Week – Hairzilla

I recently stopped by a local landmark in my search for wedding hair-clip supplies. I had decided I wanted to make little Starfish hair clips for me and Sarah to wear in our hair to match our sashes and Shannon could wear a bigger white one. I knew exactly where I needed to go to find the starfish: The Shell Bazaar! I found the perfect sized starfish in both yellow and blue almost exactly match our colors. I also found a beautiful white starfish for Shannon’s.

While there, I saw this bracelet and had to have it. I wore it today along with my diamond pendant, carnelian stone and silver bangles.

After work I had my hair appointment at ColourWorks Salon in Stuart. I was really excited about getting a good spif-up in the color department. My stylist was Dani and she was amazing and so sweet! She did an amazing job on my color and when she showed me the before and after photos that she had taken I was so surprised to see just how strawberry-blonde my hair is.

She took the ungodly amount of time required to blow my hair straight with a round brush, and god bless her for it. My ends are atrocious so it was quite the effort. I know I need a really good haircut, but I’ve been growing it out for a while and getting it trimmed minimally as necessary. I wear it curly all the time so you can never really see just how badly damaged my ends are. I’m in dire need of a good hair cut. I may have to cave and just get the cut.

I left the appointment feeling really excited about the color but really diappointed in the conditioning treatment I had received. Dani even offer to do the treatment again on Saturday I want to come back in. I don’t think I will but it was really a sweet offer, especially since it would be coming out of her own pocket; I would hate to have that.

Horrible, frizzy ends and all, here’s how it looks blown out:


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