St Petersburg! Art, Theater & Friends!

Yesterday, a group of us hit the road to St Petersburg to see our amazingly, incredibly, awesomely talented friend Ryan earn his equity card as Mark in Rent!

We all woke up pretty early and and grabbed some breakfast. Turnpike to Route 60 and then… a whole lot of nothing for a couple of hours.

Nothing except billions upon billions of love bugs!!! Check out the windshield.

But we finally made it to Tampa…

…and then came what I was dreading… a 7 (?) mile bridge! -eek! (I get really freaked out about bridges… I think I plummeted to my death from one in a past life or something…)

The bridge was actually beautiful!

Our first stop and activity of the day was The Dali Museum. We were all so excited and for some of us it was our first time. It was incredible… and a bit disappointing… they can’t (and most certainly don’t) have everything and there are actually several Salvador Dali museums.

I did see one of my favorites:

Three Young Surrealist Women Holding in their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra

We all had a really amazing time. 

The outside of the museum was just as beautiful and enjoyable as the gallery. I had one of the most delicious sweet iced teas… in fact, I had two. 


There was a small hedge maze and lots of great photo-op spots.

Logan and Ryan met up with us after the Dali Museum and headed over to The Pier. It’s basically a mall on the dock full of gift shops. We explored the first level briefly before heading upstairs to Cha Cha Coconuts for lunch.

It was beautiful up there too!

We spent some time enjoying the view then explored the rest of The Pier.

We left The Pier and walked around the downtown area for a while. Grabbed a drink at a really adorable bar with gorgeous bathrooms… I don’t remember the name of it… there were many a drinks before that drink. We were all pretty much dragging ass at this point so a stop at Starbucks was essential.

We headed over to the park for our main attraction of the day: The American Stage Theatre Company’s production of RENT! starring the TRO! Our two other friends, Carter and Kim, who live in the area met up with us there. We all enjoyed the show and were very impressed with a lot. (and we are a very picky group.) We headed to Denny’s… best middle of the night crap food. Kacie and her car headed home after that, the car I was in went back to Carter’s place and debated whether or not to crash for a few hours or just start driving back. Ultimately we chose to head back, but it didn’t make a difference to me… I slept the whole time. I woke up once and remember Casey telling me we were in Barstow and I was like “Wtf? We’re practically in Tampa still.” My next memory is Casey telling me we’re in the drive way and J helping me out of the car. It was not about 5am this morning… and I went right back to sleep. I was wiped after all that awesomeness!


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