Potter & Dropkick & Shimmer, Oh my!

Today I went out to pick up a new bottle of Victoria’s Secret – Very Sexy – Shimmer Mist since my bottle runneth-dry. It’s a MUST in my perfume collection at all times. Ordinarily $15.00, I got it on sale for $10.00! Yayy!!

While at the mall, I stopped in at Hot Topic at my sister’s suggestion. They were having 50% off all clearance and a ton of other sales. I figured I could pick up a few awesome graphic t’s for way below average price, so I went in the one store I hate more than any other… not because it doesn’t have awesome shit from time to time… not because it’s always packed with pre-teen wannabe rebel anarchists… and not because of the shitty music they choose to play… but because Hot Topic is the established anti-establishment and that bothers me.

Back to those t-shirts! I got two soccer style t’s… and they’re fantastic! The first is (yet another) Harry Potter shirt!! Hooty-Hooooooo! The other is one of my favorite bands, Dropkick Murphys!! L♥VE those boys (I met them… they signed my “Irish Ass”… literally.)

The back of the Gryffindor T says: POTTER!!!! (bitches!)

A nice, cheap fix for my shopping addiction! (I’m so broke right now, it’s ridiculous!)


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